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Magnetek Intelli-Connect™ Mobile

Featured Product from Columbus McKinnon Corporation

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Improving Safety, Uptime, and Productivity Through Automation.
Downtime due to unexpected maintenance or equipment failure is expensive. Intelli-Connect™ Mobile, a solution from Columbus McKinnon’s Automation Division, can help enable predictive maintenance and minimize downtime.

Features & Benefits 

  • Information at Your Fingertips
    Intelli-Connect’s diagnostic and analytic capabilities deliver system status information, whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet, to help you manage equipment 24/7. With Intelli-Connect, you can get insight into how your systems operate and how your equipment is utilized to ensure proper and timely maintenance.
  • Improved Safety
    Using Intelli-Connect, you can monitor and troubleshoot a Magnetek variable frequency drive (VFD) right from the plant floor. Intelli-Connect wirelessly connects to crane equipment located up to 100 feet in the air, allowing you to safely and quickly get an overview of your system’s operation. You no longer need to climb up to the VFD, power down, and connect hardware to access VFD status information, thus eliminating potentially hazardous situations.
  • Quick Troubleshooting and Recovery
    Intelli-Connect’s advanced diagnostics provide critical information, such as signal monitors, equipment status, and energy use, to keep your system functioning effectively. By incorporating this technology into your overhead crane or hoist, you can proactively monitor and schedule maintenance to ensure you have the necessary parts and support available when you need it. And, if your system does go down unexpectedly, Intelli-Connect can help reduce your mean time to recover (MTTR). With instant access to user manuals available through the app, operators can easily reference system setup and diagnostics to get equipment back up and running quickly.
  • Secure Connection
    The wireless operator connects the Magnetek VFD and your smartphone or tablet via a secure Wi-Fi connection. Set your own SSID (service set identifier) and password to establish a protected link for data flow.
  • Product and Project Support
    Every automated system from Columbus McKinnon is designed, engineered, and built in-house by our expert team of engineers and automation specialists. Our highly trained support team is always available – 24/7, 365 days a year – to assist with technical application issues and tight installation timelines. Plus, with the Intelli-Connect Mobile App, you can easily email our service team right from the app with any product setup or troubleshooting questions.
  • Easy Product Integration  
    Intelli-Connect can be combined with any electric wire rope or chain hoist, including select Columbus McKinnon models, that utilize IMPULSE® G+/VG+ Series 4 or IMPULSE® G+ Mini VFDs. New or existing hoists utilizing Magnetek VFDs can be enhanced with Intelli-Connect, giving you added intelligence and information to keep your equipment and operations running. If an existing application already operates with a Magnetek VFD, Intelli-Connect can be installed with a remote mounting kit.

Download the Intelli-Connect Brochure to learn how it is ideal for all types of overhead crane applications in industries including power generation, automotive, aerospace, metals, pulp and paper, and much more.

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