High temperature instrument lead feedthroughs

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TGF/TGM series high temperature instrument lead feedthroughs

Conax Technologies’ TGF/TGM assemblies with fiberglass-insulated thermocouple wire are specially designed for applications where the sensor wire is exposed to process temperatures reaching up to 900°F (482°C).

These assemblies are particularly targeted for use with pressure vessels, autoclaves, vacuum and/or inert gas back-filled furnaces with vessel wall temperatures up to 200°F (93.3°C) and pressures not exceeding 300 PSig.

The assembly consists of bonded fiberglass-insulated/silicone impregnated thermocouple grade wires on the body side, with stripped bare wires passing through the Conax-manufactured feedthrough.

An alternative high-temperature fiberglass for Type K wire is also available with temperature capabilities up to 1400°F (760°C).

Sleeved insulation material on the wires exiting the cap side may be fiberglass/silicone impregnated, PTFE or polyolefin.

Feedthrough bodies, caps and followers are constructed from 303SST standard.

Cap Style A offers a mounting thread only. Cap Style B provides threading on both ends for attachment to conduit or terminal heads. These assemblies are offered with Viton or PTFE sealants, and alternative sealants are available. If you need customization for a specific application, please click the “Email Supplier” button or submit a form to contact us.