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Standard and custom RTD assemblies

Featured Product from Conax Technologies

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Conax Technologies designs and manufactures RTD assemblies for a wide variety of industries and applications, including wire-wound platinum RTD assemblies that can be bent like a thermocouple, except in the tip portion that contains the element. Our thin film platinum element assemblies (M-style) and copper and nickel element assemblies (E-style) feature a minimum active length of 3”.

To meet the precise requirements of your application, Conax provides RTD assemblies with a wide variety of termination styles and mounting fittings, including:

  • Compact connection terminal head (B-Series)—Compact, lightweight terminal heads provide convenient hook-up of extension wire.
  • MD disc-style termination—Excellent for use in clean areas and confined spaces.
  • PJFC-plug and jack termination—Polarized plug and jack assembly bodies are made from molded glass-filled thermoset compounds, with copper pin material. Standard assemblies are designed to operate in temperatures up to 300°F (150°C). High temperature assemblies operate up to 800°F (427°C).
  • T3/T4 leadwire termination—Exclusively from Conax Technologies, this design provides a practically unbreakable connection between the leadwire and the probe lead.
  • Terminal heads with direct mount—The sheath is attached to the terminal head using either a W8 fitting or a Conax manufactured “soft seal” fitting. All direct mount fittings serve as mounting devices and environmental seals.
  • Terminal heads with adjustable mounting—Adjustable mounting fittings using Conax Technologies’ “soft seal” PG fittings allow the immersion depth of the sheath to be easily adjusted in the field and provide pressure or vacuum sealing against gases or liquids.
  • Terminal heads with spring-loaded mounting—Conax supplies a number of styles of spring-loaded assemblies that are used to maintain positive contact between the sensor tip and the surface to be monitored, typically used with thermowell assemblies.

Conax also offers RTD assemblies with a broad range of sensor tolerances, sheath diameters, and sheath materials.

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