Miniaturized Shielded Control & Instrument Cable

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Description: Each #28 AWG conductor is stranded tinned copper, .010" wall high temperature PVC, cabled with a mylar tape wrap, braided tinned copper shield for 90% coverage overall, covered with gray PVC jacket.

Rated -55°C to +105°C, 600 Volt

Resists acid, alkalis, flame moisture, oil, solvents, fungus. Used as interconnecting cable for electronic equipment; control and instrumentation cable, telemetry and remote control with sensitive recording instruments.

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#2676 Shielded Sub-Miniature Multi-Conductor Cable No Outer Jacket

Stranded Tinned Copper conductors, color coded and insulated with .015" PVC. Conductors are twisted. Overall braided TC shield. Conductors conform to Mil-W-16878D Spec. Operating Temperature: -55°C to +105°C. Voltage Rating: 1,000V

#2783 -#2786 Multi-Conductor Control Cable - Plastic Jacket · 600V

Each conductor tinned copper, polyethylene insulation - color coded. Conductors are cabled with fillers, textile wrapped, tinned copper braided shield, gray polyvinyl jacket overall. Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C. 600 Volts.

#2802 - #2808 Control Cable Unshielded, Rubber Jacketed · 300V

General Purpose, Each conductor, extra flexible stranded tinned copper, insulated with a .022" wall, special low capacity rubber, color coded, conductors twisted, filler [where necessary], mylar wrap with tough weatherproof black rubber jacket overall.

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