Phoenix Contact CHARX Power Modules

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Phoenix Contact’s CHARX AC/DC and DC/DC power modules are the first in a growing family of high-power systems that can be mounted directly in a standard 19” cabinet.

The 3-phase input module has a range of 350 VAC to 530 VAC, allowing installation in most locations globally. The DC/DC module has an input range of 300 VDC to 825 VDC, allowing use in a wide range of DC voltage settings. Both power modules have an output range from 150 VDC to 1,000 VDC.

The DC/DC module has continuous maximum power point tracking (MMPT) that maximizes the module’s output when connected to a solar array. This assists in the most efficient output for the device, with ranging levels of solar radiation, temperature, and PV panel types.

  • Simple installation in 19” cabinets
  • T-LOX connectors for fast and secure connections
  • CAN Bus interface for easy integration into e-mobility communications protocols
  • Expandable from 1 to 48 power modules (30 KW to 1.5 MW)
  • DC/DC modules are equipped with MPPT for solar array integration
  • E-mobility charging infrastructure
  • Off-highway charging (heavy equipment/fleet equipment)
  • AC microgrids
  • High-voltage DC grids
  • Peak shaving/energy storage
  • Hydrogen electrolysis