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Smallest & Lowest Cost O2 (Oxygen) Sensors

Featured Product from Electro Optical Components, Inc.

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FaradaIC® has developed a solid electrolyte that can be connected directly with a chip for the first time. The 2x2x1 cm O2 (Oxygen) sensor electronics use patented algorithms to determine the exact oxygen concentration and supply the digital measured values through a standard interface.  The sensor measures oxygen in the range of 0...3 Vol.% and simultaneously provides temperature and relative humidity values.

The solid electrolyte in this oxygen sensor does not dry out even at high temperatures of up to 85 degrees C and can be stored for several years. The tiny design delivers extremely fast measurement results.

Key Properties

  • Smallest O2 Sensor
  • Lowest cost in high volumes
  • Fastest – 1.0 – 1.5 sec
  • Low Power - <5µW when on

Additional Properties:  

  • Solid-state oxygen gas sensor (lead-free)
  • Electrochemical sensing on a chip
  • 0…3%, 3 – 15%,  15 – 25% & 25 – 100% O2 sensor range
  • Other concentration ranges and gases are also available for other applications.
  • Small x 2.5 mm footprint (5 x 5 mm with electronics)
  • -20…80 °C range
  • Up to 5-year lifetime
  • Easy to integrate

Electro Optical Components offers the O2 (Oxygen) Sensor evaluation kit and software and other Gas Sensing Modules and Components.