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Art Photonics GmbH
Specialty Fibers and Fiber Cables, Spectroscopy Fiber Probes, Fiber Optic Bundles and Converters, Accessories for Mid IR Fiber Spectroscopy, Biophotonics
Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd.
Technology leader in micro hotplate structures for gas sensing and infrared applications
Amplifiers / Photoreceivers
UV GaN Photodiodes, UV Probes / UV Sensor Boards, UV - Visible Photodiodes, UV Meters / Monitors / Radiometers
Heat Flux Sensing and Laser Power Detection
IFW Optronics GmbH
UV Photodiodes / Photodetectors
IMM Photonics GmbH
Laser Diodes, Laser Diode Modules, Handheld & Industrial UV Curing System
inno-spec GmbH
Spectral Imaging and Hyperspectral Imaging
NovaIR (formerly Intex) High Pulse Rate IR Source
IR System
IR Filter, Mid Infrared Filters: 1.5 - 20 ?m
Laser Beam Products
CO2 Laser Optics: Reflective Mirrors
LED Microsensor NT
Mid-IR LEDs and Photodiodes
Attenuators / Polarizers, Broadband & Ultra Wide Faraday Isolators / Rotators, K*DP / ADP / RTP / Lithium Niobate, Q-Switches / Pockels Cells, High Voltage Drivers / Modulators / Pulse Generators
Micro-Hybrid Electronics GmbH
Pyroelectric Detectors | Thermopile Detectors, Pulsed & High Power Broadband IR Sources, Temperature Sensing Modules / Radiometers
Micro-Sensor GmbH
Acceleration, Inclination & Tilt Sensors, Thread Tension Sensors
Multi IR
TO Caps with IR Filters, Infrared filter assembly with TO cap
NOC Ltd.
IR Filter, Mid Infrared Filters: 1.5 - 20 ?m
RealLight Technology
Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes for Pumping DPSS Lasers & Medical Applications
SDS (Systems Development & Solutions)
High Voltage Pulse Generators
Wavelength Technology
Beam Shapers for Lasers