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Standard and Custom Heaters Resource for Semiconductor and Electronics Assembly Companies in an Easy Website Format

Massachusetts-based Backer Hotwatt, Inc. has been a trusted source of superior quality heating elements for OEMs in the medical, industrial, semiconductor, commercial, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, refrigeration/air conditioning, and military fields for almost 70 years. As a manufacturing partner, its engineers work in step with customers to meet all performance, physical, and regulatory requirements to ensure a successful product launch and commercialization. Backer Hotwatt has created a resource page on its website to help customers and prospects in the semiconductor and electronics assembly industries find the information they need quickly.

Heating elements are used in applications ranging from test sockets, controlled environments, and vacuum systems to gas and fluid chillers for cryogenics, and dehumidification, all which require adherence to impeccable standards.

Click here to visit the dedicated resource page on heaters for the semiconductor industry. For more information about Backer Hotwatt, visit www.hotwatt.com or call (978) 777-0070.

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