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Jergens Zero Point System!

Featured Product from Jergens, Inc.

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What is the Zero Point System?
This revolutionary technology allows you to fix, position and clamp in a single step, cutting set up times by up to 90%. Available with either pneumatic or hydraulic release, these positive locking and locating modules allow operators to quickly change out large and small fixtures with extreme accuracy and minimal effort.

Quickly and accurately locate and clamp vises or fixtures, and with pull studs attached to your part, direct mount your component for machining or welding without interference from jaws or clamps. That’s the beauty of what Jergens Zero Point System can deliver (Jergens, Inc.).

How does the Zero Point System work?
Similar to the mechanism that grips rotary toolholders on many machining centers, zero- point clamps employ a pull stud and clamping balls to pull a pallet, fixture or other workholding device—or even the part itself—against the ground face of a zero-point module.

The pull stud sits inside the chuck bore and offers positional accuracy to within a few ten- thousandths of an inch and high clamping forces until released through mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure (Cutting Tool Engineering).

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Jergens Inc.
Jergens Inc., is  an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 certified, global manufacturing leader in Workholding, Lifting and Specialty Fasteners products. Building on its reputation of uncompromising quality standards, Jergens is committed to helping its customers achieve leaner, more profitable manufacturing, and continues to add products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to “Manufacturing Efficiency”.

Workholding Solutions Group:
Jergens Inc is a global manufacturing leader of CNC machining custom workholding products. Today, you'll find our vises, clamps & fixturing systems, tooling components, at work in just about every segment of the metalcutting industry on every continent. And our innovative engineered solutions like the patented Ball Lock®? Mounting System and Fixture-Pro®? 5-axis workholding have changed the way manufacturers worldwide think about metalworking productivity. 

Lifting Solutions:
Jergens Inc is a global manufacturing leader in producing high quality, safe, strong hoist rings products. Jergens has a history of providing a full range of lifting solutions that include center pull, swivel, and side pull hoist rings styles, adjustable chain lifting slings, pivoting lifting rings, eye nuts, shoulder and swivel eye bolts and Jergens patented LiftCheck hoist rings. With top quality at our center, Jergens lifting solutions are 100% made in the USA, starting with our domestically-produced, certified alloy steel. 

Specialty Fasteners:
Jergens Inc is a global manufacturing leader of innovative specialty fasteners for a wide range of applications. With thousands of standard products available, you’ll find our tooling components and fasteners in just about every industry. From fastening pins to our threaded inserts and quick release pins, our user-friendly products are designed with unique, problem solving features that increase efficiency and bring simple solutions to complex applications.