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Innovative Coin Cell Battery Holder

Featured Product from Keystone Electronics Corp.

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New Top Loading 24mm Coin Cell Battery Holders

Breakthrough lithium coin cell holders for maximizing PC board capacity when installing high capacity 2477 & 2450 lithium coin cells in high-density applications. These top loading designs allow for minimal footprint board layouts without restricting battery access in devices.

These Thru-Hole holders which are extremely rugged making them ideal for retaining the larger 2477 and 2450 cells securely in shock and vibration environments. This holder is ideal for circuit back-up power and will accept all major manufacturers’ batteries. Manufactured with Nickel Plated Phosphor Bronze contacts in a PBT, UL rated 94V-0 base,

Cat. # 1009- For 2477 Coin Cells

 Cat. # 1053- For 2450 Coin Cells