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Keystone Electronics Corp. has promoted these products / services:

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Soft Touch Colored Pointer Knobs

A new assortment of Colored Pointer Instrumentation Knobs are among the latest devices available from Keystone Electronics Corp (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - High Speed USB3.1, Type “C” Plugs and Sockets

Keystone Electronics debuts New USB 3.1 Type C plugs and sockets delivering faster data transfer speeds, increased power transmission and smaller PCB footprints makes them ideal for use with future high tech devices as HD video, data and charging port without separate power adapters (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Surface Mount Printed Circuit Jumpers

Keystone offers a series of surface mount Printed Circuit Board Jumpers designed to link Circuit Board traces/tracks as a unique way to simplify board layouts or an alternative options where thru-hole jumper use is not feasible (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Maxi-Mount Holder for 20mm Coin Cell Battery app.

Maxi-Mount Holder for 20mm Coin Cell Battery applications

Coin Cell holder designed for maximizing PC board capacity when installing 20mm lithium coin cells in high-density applications.

Unique raised mounting design allows components to be placed underneath the holder. Ideal when PC board space is more important than board height; such as PC/104 applications.

Ca (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Innovative Coin Cell Battery Holder

New Top Loading 24mm Coin Cell Battery Holders

Breakthrough lithium coin cell holders for maximizing PC board capacity when installing high capacity 2477 & 2450 lithium coin cells in high-density applications. These top loading designs allow for minimal footprint board layouts without restricting battery access in devices.

These Thru-Hole holders wh... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Colored PCB Test Points

Enhanced identification colored test points from Keystone Electronics Corp. offered as replacements for wire-wrap posts and turret terminals available in 10 colors. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Multi-Use, Snap-On Connector Straps

New, Insulated, Snap-On connector straps that are pre-wired for simplified connectivity applications are now available from Keystone Electronics.

Male and female Snap-On connector straps (9 Volt style) can be used as traditional male and female connections for 9 Volt battery design applications or for snap on / snap off connectivity applications in equipment, devices and automotiv... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Hex Male-Female Threaded Standoffs

Keystone's standard Hex Male/Female Threaded Standoffs are available in RoHS compliant Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, and Extreme Temperature Nylon materials. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Narrow Profile, 2032 & 2025 Coin Cell Retainer

A new, much narrower width retainer for CR2032 & CR2025 coin cells is now available as part of the extensive battery connectivity line of products offered by Keystone Electronics (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Color Keyed SMT Test Points

Keystone Electronics offers new Color Keyed, Surface Mountable Test Points for Identification, testing & circuit service troubleshooting. Manufactured in Phosphor bronze with silver plate and colored identification base ideal for most SMT reflow solder operations and applications.

Colors available: Red, Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Gray, Violet. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - PCB Screw Terminals for high-density packaging

Keystone offers Easy-to-mount, multipurpose PCB screw type terminals,practical, low-cost alternative to PC screw type edge connectors, barrier blocks, terminal boards/strips. Accommodates solid or stranded wire, crimp-type terminals&lugs. Ideally suited for high-density packaging. Available with colored screws for easy visual identification & SEMS Screws for additional wir... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Slide-In PC Mount Battery Contacts

Leaf Spring Contacts for A, AA & CR2 batteries from Keystone slide into molded cases with no wire leads or mount directly onto PCBs as SMT contacts. Designed to adjust to various battery lengths to ensure low contact resistance & dependable connectivity. Contacts are available in single or dual cell configurations from stock through our global distribution network and ordering pa... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New SMT & THM Maxi “Auto” Blade Fuse Holders

New Fully Insulated, Automotive Blade Fuse Holders from Keystone Electronics accommodate MAXI 299, MAX, APX or equivalent fuses, support voltage up to 500 VAC; 40 Amps current while ensuring secured positioning during soldering. Featuring high-temperature PA9T Black Nylon Insulators & Tin Nickel-Plated Copper Contacts (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Universal Entry Female Quick-Fit Terminals

These Female Tab Terminals offer cost effective design options for surface mount and thru-hole mount applications on PC Boards.

The unique terminal design accepts male tabs from either a vertical or horizontal entry position. Mating male terminals range from .110" to .250" allowing design engineers to change mating terminals without re-engineering the board.

SMT versions ha... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Locking Low Profile PCB Coin Cell Retainers

New coin cell retainers from Keystone engineered with locking flange to assure low contact resistance while securing 1220,1632 &2032 coin cells in severe shock & vibration environments. Holders available in surface and thru-hole mount configurations for PCB applications.

Learn More (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - UL Recognized Auto Blade Fuse Clips for PCB's

Keystone Electronics Corp. offers UL recognized Fuse Clips for Mini, Maxi, Low Profile and Standard Automotive fuses. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Extreme Temperature, Threaded Standoffs

New ThreadedStandoffs from Keystone manufactured from high-performance nylon blend stay pliable & maintain tensile strength in extreme cold and hot environments (-20° to 365°) Ideal for automotive, under hood, aerospace, refrigeration and other extreme applications. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Compact Multi-Purpose Coin Cell Power Packs

Coin Cell Power Packs for 2032 batteries by Keystone Electronics designed to increase durability, safety and reliability. Ideal for single 2032 cell(3Volt) or dual 2032 cell(6Volt) applications.

  • Built-in on/off toggle switch for switchable power to extend battery life
  • Built-in snap-on retaining cover
  • Polarized Nickel Plated Phoshor Bronze contacts<...
(read more)
Keystone Electronics Corp. - D-Sub Connector Hardware and Panel Screws

Keystone offers all sizes of Jack Screws for D Sub connectors, Thumb Screws, Captive Screws, Shoulder and Sems Screws and other electronic panel hardware products made of Stainless Steel per ASTM-A581/A582 as well as Steel with a variety of finishes. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - UL Recognized PCB Fuse Clips for Cylindrical Fuses

Keystone Electronics Fuse Clips with end stops are UL recognized to insure safety & design integrity in UL products. For use with Cylindrical Fuses sizes 1AG thru 8AG, Midget & Solar Protection (SPF) style fuses. Useable for 6 to 30 Amp applications, innovative fuse clips are manufactured from brass-tin plated to assure low contact resistance. Offered inTHM, SMT & Rivet mount... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Solar (SPF) Midget Fuse Holders

Keystone Electronics broadens it’s selection of PCB & SMT Mounted Fuse Holders to include a series intended specifically for photovoltaic (PV) systems. The new fuse holders are exclusively designed to accommodate the Midget fuses (10x38mm), 5AG in the SPF Solar Protection Fuse series. Rated for up to 30 Amps, 1,000 VDC (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Battery Holders,Clips&Contacts for all industries

For over 70 years, Keystone has offered the most complete, proven line of battery holders, components and hardware worldwide. Designed and engineered for equipment manufacturers who produce electronic instruments, apparatus and systems, the prime feature of their products is their "high reliability" (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Adhesive backed Nylon PCB Lock-Fit supports

New assortment of adhesive backed Nylon stacking Spacers/Supports are among the latest circuit board hardware components available from Keystone Electronics Corp. Engineered to lock-fit a chassis–to-board without the use of tools. Available in a sturdy mount or slim line design to accommodate a variety of design requirements. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Slim-Line PC Screw Terminals

Keystone Electronics debuts new Slim-Line PCB Screw Terminals in vertical mounting configuration. Rated 15Amps, new devices are ideally suited for high density packaging designs requiring a low profile, minimal footprint wire-to-board connection. Available in in 45º, 60º, and 90º orientation to the board with colored screw heads for enhanced identification and troubleshoot... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Easy to use UL Wire-to-Wire “i-Clamp” Connectors

Keystone's new i-Clamp IDC wire-to-wire connectors quickly and easily connect 10 – 22 AWG insulated wires quickly without stripping wires. UL Rated for 277 VAC, “i-Clamps” provide Reliable and tamper proof connections in one easy step.3 styles of connector to accommodate any requirement, choose One-Way, Two-Way or T series to cleanly pierce insulation ... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Holders / Sleds

Keystone's latest series of low profile, SMT & THM Lithium-Ion holders for 18650 batteries meet increased demands for higher energy, light weight, rechargeable batteries for new generations of electronic products. Ruggedly built & durable, features include heat resistant Nylon housings & Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts. Available in single&dual cell confi... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - SMT Coin Cell Contacts for Battery Enclosures

Keystone Electronics introduces their latest line of surface mount coin cell contacts. Thesenew contacts provide a cost effective, dependable connection for coin cell batteries in self contained battery compartment. Ultra low profile and compact design make it ideal for small hand held controls, Key Fobs, personal medical devices, digital timers, and many i... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - High Temperature L5 Ceramic Standoffs

Keystone Electronics Corp. offers a comprehensive line of Commercial and Military Ceramic Standoffs. Insulating standoffs ideally suited for high temperature applications. Manufactured from grade L5 ceramic, then glazed to protect exterior surfaces. They are available in a variety of diameters and lengths (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Modular Keystone RJ45 Jacks for PCBs & Panels

A new series of advanced 8P8C modular jacks suitable for 100Base-T (Fast Ethernet) applications are now available from Keystone Electronics. Supplied in Thru-Hole, Surface and Panel mount configurations, jacks are rated for 125 VAC RMS, and are fully compliant with IEEE and IEC standards. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New, Male, Quick-Fit, Surface Mount Terminals

New SMT Male Tab terminals specifically designed-packaged for use on PC Boards –

terminals reduce scrap/handling time while minimizing PCB damage Mounted like other SMT components Remain in perpendicular during and permanently after soldering Brass with tin plate Available in Bulk or on Tape and Reel with high temperature pick pad for.... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Tactile Metal “Key-Pad” Dome Switches

New snap action “Key-Pad” dome contacts from Keystone specifically designed as a momentary contact for PCB’s, flex circuits, membrane/discrete switches. Unique 4-legged shape offer enhanced durability, reliability, versatility while maintaining exceptional tactile feel. Nickel-plated stainless steel manufacture, domes are built for harsh environments. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Color Coded Auto Blade Fuse Holders

Identifying Automotive Blade Fuses on PCBs is now “quick and simple” with the colored insulator bodies now available as the latest addition to Keystone Electronics highly-regarded series of low insertion force, compact Auto Blade Fuse Holders. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Easily Installed, Nylon Key-Hole Panel Fasteners

New Nylon Key-Hole fasteners from Keystone firmly secure to equipment and panels. one piece design of these fasteners allows them to be installed and removed without the need for tools and reused without the possibility of missing parts (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Coin Cell SMT Retainers for 6or3 volt applications

Keystone's Insulated low profile, surface mount Coin Cell Retainers allows user to stack two 20mm cells on top of each other to achieve 6 volts of power from the same board footprint or use a single cell for 3 volt applications. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Printed Circuit Board Card Guides

A new assortment of durable Nylon card guides used to mount circuit boards are among the latest circuit board mounting devices available from Keystone Electronics Corp (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Surface Mount Threaded Standoffs for PC Boards

Keystone Electronics has new threaded standoffs which are specifically designed and packaged to be used on PC Boards in the same manner as other surface mount components. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - PCB Micro Pins, Jacks, and Terminals

Keystone's micro pins are precision engineered and manufactured. They are ideal for mating with their standard line of micro jacks. Their micro jacks are engineered for "closed entry" contacts, and space saving design is utilized for high-density packaging. The micro terminals are available with single, double, and triplet turrets. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Polarized, CR2 & CR123A Lithium Battery Holders

Keystone's latest innovation in battery hardware includes polarized SMT & THM Battery Holders for CR2 & CR123A Lithium Batteries. Durable heat resistant Nylon suited for traditional soldering and reflow processing with gold or tin plated contacts make these holders ideal for a wide range of applications includes: OEM photographic, medical, consumer and industrial electronics. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Coin Cell Battery Holders for Low-Temp Soldering

Protect temperature sensitive PCB components when soldering coin cell battery holders by using Keystone's series of low profile coin cell retainers, designed for low temperature soldering as well as automated surface mount placement on high density packages (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - UL Recognized Quick-Fit Female Terminals

Keystone's popular series of female, quick-fit, PCB terminals, which provide vertical, horizontal or bottom entry connections with male types, are now undergoing UL Component Recognition (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - “Vibra-Fit” High Vibration 20mm Coin Cell Holders

Keystone Electronics latest PCB holders for 2025 and 2032 lithium coin cell batteries are extremely rugged and ideal for retaining cells securely under severe shock and vibration in high-density Printed Circuit Board applications (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Easily Installed, Molded Self-Adhesive Bumpers

Crack-resistant, molded Polyethylene, self-adhesive bumpers from Keystone are equipped with high-strength adhesive backing to guard against vibration and slippage on equipment, chassis and panels.Available in black or clear rectangular (flat) or cylindrical (domed) shapes. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Easy-Mount Kits for PC/104 & PC/104-Plus Modules

Engineered to ease assembly of new modules and multi-board stacks, Keystone's new PC/104 - PC/104-Plus mounting kits may be used with any of the more than 100 different PC/104 modules available in the marketplace.PC/104 hardware mounting kits includes all the hardware required to mount a single-board and is supplied with 4 each: #4-40 threaded spacers .600" length, #4-40 x 1/4 screws, an... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Part Builder System for Spacers,Standoffs &Handles

Quickly and easily identify the right Keystone Spacer, Standoff or Handle product for your requirement using our interactive "Part Builder" system. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Surface Mount Auto-In 20mm Coin Cell Holder

For automatic insertion of the popular 2032 and 2025 Lithium Coin Cells, Keystone's latest holder is extremely rugged and ideal for retaining cells securely under shock and vibration in high-density applications for PCB requirements (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Rugged/Low Profile SMT Battery Holders

Lightweight and durable battery holders from Keystone incorporate heat resistant Nylon Housings and Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts. These rugged holders are ideally suited for use with consumer and industrial electronic products. Designed for both lead free solder and traditional reflow process, these devices will accept all major Battery manufacturers' Lithium... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Standoffs & Spacers - Threaded and Clear Hole

Keystone offers a comprehensive line of threaded standoffs & clear hole spacers in Metric and Standard sizes and materials for any industry (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - UL Recognized PC Quick-Fit Terminals

Keystone Electronics Corp. offers UL recognized, male and female PCB quick-fit terminals and rivet mount male quick-fit terminals designed to hold up under repeated mating cycles. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Anti-Vibration Grommets Dampens Noise Too

Newly developed anti-vibration grommets from Keystone feature “fingers” made from durable EPDM which flex as needed to isolate sensitive instrumentation from unpredictable vibration,shock & dampen unwanted noise in office/lab equipment. These grommets are supplied in sets with mating, custom fitted shoulder screws (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Low Profile Surface Mount Holder for 24mm CoinCell

Keystone expands it's offering of low profile, surface mountable holders for 2450 lithium style batteries. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Standard & Custom Industrial Handles and Pulls

Keystone Electronics produces an assortment of Industrial handles in brass or aluminum, in round or oval shapes and are supplied in a variety of diameters, lengths, mounting centers, heights, platings and internal thread sizes. Standard product meets most customer requirements, modifications as well as custom fabrications can be manufactured to meet your special needs. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - High Current Zero Ohm Circuit Jumpers

New series of “true” Zero ohm high current SMT Jumpers designed to replace “Zero” ohm resistors, available from Keystone Electronics

Quickly & easily set-up, these new Jumpers are uniquely suited as true zero ohm resistor replacements. 3 resistor chip sizes are offered to simplify designs and footprint template compatibility: 0603 chip size, 0805 chip... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Advanced Design 9V Insulated Battery Straps

Keystone Electronics offers High performance, Pre-Wired, 9V Insulated Battery Straps, designed to connect most 9V batteries in series or in parallel. Available in "T" or "I" configurations for design flexibility.Straps incorporate high quality insulators and sturdy proven Nickel Plated Phosphor Bronze, Spring Steel or Brass snap-on connectors with soldered-in red and black wire leads. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Plastic Battery Holders with PCB Connectors

New selection of Keystone’s popular plastic battery holders now includes the option to have holders with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the end of 6” wires for simplified installations. (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Titanium Socket Head Cap Screws

Grade 2 Titanium Socket Head Cap Screws meeting DIN912 specifications are ideal for use in corrosive environments involving seawater, acids or chemicals, petroleum, biomedical and power generation operations. These titanium screws have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are about 40% lighter than steel screws. Designed with a knurled head featuring a hexagonal drive socket. (read more)


New cost saving "mini pad" Surface Mount Test point from Keystone is another way to efficiently and safely test PC Boards with out taking up valuable board space. Low profile test point easily accepts a variety of gripping probes to replace wire-wrap posts and turret terminals. Packaged on 1,000 and 5,000 piece tape and reel. Can be used in both lead free solder and traditional reflow pr... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Top Loading Slim-Line 20mm Coin Cell Holder

New Vertical mount Coin Cell Holder from Keystone which allows for top entry of the popular 2032, 2025 or 2x 2016 lithium batteries. Designed to retain cells securely under shock and vibration, this new Vibra-Fit holder features a UL 94V-0 rated housing and tin plated brass contacts providing low contact resistant and simplified thru-hole mounting on PCB’s (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New SMT Low Profile PC Board Edge Connectors

Easily pass signals or power across PC Boards with Keystone’s new SMT PCB Connectors. Space saving connectors have horizontal orientation suitable as parallel board-to-board or board-to-component alternative options for power or signal transferring. Designed to provide low profile circuit linkage-minimal footprint for high-density, high current PCB packages on power&aluminum ba... (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - New Densi-Pak, 9 Volt Covered Battery Holder

Keystone Electronics has just added a New Densi-Pak, 9V Covered Battery Holder to its Densi-Pak series of battery holders. Featuring a pre-wired enclosure designed for versatility this 9V holder can easily be placed in any device on or off PC boards; between components, cards and anywhere where space is limited; and wherever is more convenient for users to change batteries (read more)

Keystone Electronics Corp. - Metal Stampings and Precision Stamping

Keystone is fully integrated to meet your total design and production needs. They manufacture precision stampings, competitively priced, in metallic or non-metallic materials for all industries, in short and long runs. (read more)