detect extremely low luminance

Featured Product from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

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The CS-2000 Spectroradiometer enables accurate luminance and chromaticity measurements of various optical devices and features the world’s top level capability to detect extremely low luminance levels of 0.003 cd/m2. It is easy to operate with a color LCD screen and a simple operation panel.

Designed to thoroughly eliminate mechanical and electrical noise factors, the CS-2000 makes quick measurements with repeatability possible even at low luminance levels. Measurements can be started after a warm-up time of only 30 seconds and calculated in as little as 5 seconds eliminating mechanical and electrical noise factors.

The CS-2000’s low polarization error of 2% ensures more stable measurements of display devices that use polarization, such as LCDs. Featuring a selectable measuring angle for measurements of tiny areas, the CS-2000 enable you to select the optimum angle according to the application. With an operating temperature range of 5° to 35°C, this instrument ensures reliable operation in any work environment.

The CS-2000 has three measurement settings, internal and external synchronization, and multi-integration mode. Synchronization can be done either internally with user inputs or externally via line input. Multi-integration mode reduces variations due to unsynchronized measurement or synchronized measurements of sources that have irregular light emission cycles.


  • Detects extremely low luminance - as low as 0.003 cd/m²
  • Easy operation with a color LCD screen
  • Measuring angle switching function
  • Low polarization error - Ideal for LCDs
  • Quick measurements
  • 3 measurement settings: internal synchronization, external synchronization and multi-integration mode