3-in-1 Impact Sockets

Featured Product from Lowell Corporation

Lowell Corporation now has TWO Triple Square Impact Socket.  Both sockets work with impact wrenches and combine three square socket openings into one socket.

Designed for high line utility workers, the Triple Sockets have a slim profile and light weight for easy handling. They can be used with any impact wrench or rattle gun to install or tighten utility pole hardware.

The smaller socket (TSIS) is sized for distribution pole hardware.  It has an overall length of 7-3/4" and it weighs 2 lbs. The three square socket openings are: oversized 3/4" for 1/2" hardware; 1" for 5/8" hardware; and 1-1/8" for 3/4" hardware.

The larger socket (TrTSIS) is sized for transmission tower hardware.  It has an overall length of 10-3/8" and it weighs 3.5 lbs. The three square socket openings are: 1-1/8" for 3/4" hardware, 1-5/16” for 7/8” hardware and 1-1/2” for 1” hardware.  This socket also fits 1-1/2” hex nuts.

For use with 1/2" impact wrenches, a 7/16" quick change adapter is included. These tools can be turned end for end without having to remove the adapter from the impact wrench.

The TSIS has a 13/16" hollow shaft deep enough to allow workers to access nuts on many different threaded lengths.  The diameter of the hollow shaft on the TrTSIS is 1-1/16”.

The Triple Square Impact Sockets are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery.

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