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Category: Mechanical Clutches
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Lowell Corporation

Lowell CorporationFounded in 1869, Lowell Corporation has been a leading innovator in the field of ratchet technology. Offering a wide array of standard and custom designed tools for industrial, utility and military applications, their 100% made in the U.S.A. tools provide for years of trouble free service.

On most manual jobs and machine operations, there are turning points between inefficiency and efficiency. During manual labor, sometimes a problem arises and there’s no special tool readily available to handle it. So workers will compromise by using a tool that was not designed for the task. When operating a machine, a poorly-designed control may hinder efficient operation. Here, the compromise occurs when operators learn to work around the machine’s weak points. In either case, a compromise solution drives up costs because it doesn’t work as well as a good design.

At Lowell, ratchet technology makes workers and original equipment more productive. They use this technology in nearly every product they make: ratchet arms, ratchet clutches, socket wrenches, roller clutches, and related products. So their ratchet technology is really a turning point for productivity in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance operations. Since their start as the Lowell Wrench Company in 1869, they have grown to be a leading American manufacturer of ratchet technology for civilian industry, the military, and utilities. Their ratchet technology could be a turning point for you.

About Porter-Ferguson
For more than 50 years Porter-Ferguson has been the standard of excellence in the field of automotive push pull sets and high quality autobody repair clamps. Now a division of Lowell Corporation, Porter-Ferguson continues as a leading supplier of 100% made in the U.S.A. hydraulic rams, jacks and spreaders for the repair shop that works a cut above their competition.