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New Pipe Fusion Machines - save time and money

Featured Product from McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.

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Building off the strong legacy of McElroy’s three existing TracStar® iSeries machines – the TracStar® 630i900i, and 1200i – McElroy is thrilled to announce the addition of the TracStar® 412i and TracStar® 618i.

Like their current Series 2 counterparts, the TracStar 412i is designed to fuse pipe sizes from 4-inch IPS to 12-inch DIPS (110mm to 340mm), and the TracStar 618i fuses pipe from 6-inch IPS to 18-inch OD (180mm to 450mm).

“We are always looking for ways to increase operator productivity,” said Geoff Koch, McElroy’s vice president of product development. “These new machines incorporate the added technology of our existing TracStar iSeries line into the proven success of our TracStar 412 and 618 Series 2 units. These upgrades will translate into countless hours and dollars saved in the field.”


These new machines include a few key differences from their Series 2 counterparts. The TracStar 412i and 618i will incorporate the FusionGuide™ Control system seen on other TracStar iSeries models, providing operators with three levels of control during the fusion process. Each level has varying degrees of assistance, from manual control to fully automatic fusion.