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McElroy offers advancements in battery technology, processing power and integration capabilities with its release of the new DataLogger 7.
This ruggedized tablet builds on the success of the McElroy DataLogger which has brought increased accountability to the pipe fusion industry for 25 years. By recording critical information on fusion joints, the DataLogger provides assurance tha... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - DataLogger® 1.17 Software Update

We are always working to add new features to the DataLogger® that will add more value to our users. In the latest update, we’ve been busy focusing on increasing areas of performance. For those users fusing with very short cycle times, typically smaller-diameter pipe, we have made some adjustments to improve the responsiveness moving from screen to screen.

And, of course,... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Innovative solution for fusing in close-quarters

Product Spotlight: Acrobat™ QuikFit™

The Acrobat with QuikFit carriage for 355mm to 630mm pipe brings an innovative solution to the challenges of fusing large-diameter polypropylene pipe in close-quarter working environments.

The innovative carriage is size specific and composed of lightweight, modular components so that the upper and lower jaws can be as... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Trenchless Spotlight: TracStar® Series 2

The McElroy TracStar® Series 2 machines are ideal for fusing long polyethylene pipelines installed with slip-lining, pipe bursting and directional drilling technologies. They are easy to maneuver on the jobsite, having everything needed on board including a generator to provide electricity and hydraulic power. The TracStars are self-propelled on a rugged, dual track system which offe... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Spotlight on accessories – Heater Caddy

McElroy offers a variety of accessories to complement our extensive machine line. They are designed to help fusion operators and make their work a lot easier and more conducive to a productive and efficient jobsite.

The heater caddy for medium-diameter TracStar® machines is a great example. It allows operators to use the machine to carry the heater with the stand from joint to... (read more)


Learning knows no bounds at McElroy University. For a limited time, you can still receive training directly from the fusion experts with our new online learning series!

We have taken all of our online, self-paced learning modules and created three bundles that we are making available for limited time at a special price. Students normally take these online modules as part of their... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. -  The Polygon - three-in-one machine

The Polygon is a three-in-one machine that fabricates miter and butt fusion joints from zero- to 45-degree angles with additional socket fusion capability for polypropylene pipe. It is McElroy’s first manual butt fusion machine that is compatible with the DataLogger®, providing documentation that joints were fused according to standard. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - New polypropylene catalogs are here!

Our new catalogs for Polypropylene Pipe Fusion Tools & Accessories are hot off the press! Download a free digital copy of the catalog at Contact your McElroy distributor for a larger supply. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Conduct pressure tests on fused pipelines


Up until now, most pressure tests done in the field have either been monitored and recorded manually or have used antiquated technologies. But there’s an easier and better way to conduct pressure tests on your fused pipelines and it’s available only on the McElroy DataLogger 6. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Auto backup is a great new feature - DataLogger 6


McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Finest Finned Tube Manufacturing Equipment

These machines offer the versatility, speed, durability and efficiency you require to maximize the potential of your finned tube manufacturing operations. Whether your interest is for helically rolled fins or extruded high fins, the finning systems offered by McElroy provide you with a complete material handling system from the bare tube to finished finned tube. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Easier & Faster Way to Install Fusion Outlets

The McElroy Hornet™ fusion outlet tool is the first-of-its-kind, all-in-one machine for outlet fusion on polypropylene pipe. Its innovative design keeps the machine, outlet hole and fusion of the fitting perfectly aligned throughout the entire process - creating more efficient and reliable fusions with less manpower. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - 5 New Features With DATALOGGER® 6 Release

The McElroy DataLogger 6 offers expanded data collection capabilities and exciting new features with a free software update that is now available.

Version 1.09 includes built-in options to record fusion information from manually-operated machines. Pipe fusion operators can easily gather important key elements that add to tracking and traceability efforts including operator, equipm... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - 1LC Fusion Machine

An alternative to the Mini-Mc®, the 1LC offers a more conventional style of operation while maintaining the great features of the 2LC. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Acrobat™ 180 Fusion Machine

A versatile machine designed for butt fusion of 63mm to 180mm (2" IPS to 6" DIPS) pipe and fittings. The machine offers consistent butt fusion joints in an economical, reliable package. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Talon™ 2000 Fusion Machine

The Talon 2000 is a self-propelled vehicle with the unique ability to safely lift pipe from the ground, position it to be fused and move from joint to joint down the pipeline. It features a quick-action facer and an electric-powered indexer to accurately and safely position the heater and facer into the fusion machine. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Acrobat™ 560/630 Fusion Machine

Modular, Lightweight & Toolless Assembly

Fusion Capability For 560mm And 630mm - (22" And 24") Polypropylene Pipe (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Acrobat™ 450/500 Fusion Machine

McElroy's Acrobat machines will fuse pipe in any orientation that is required on plumbing, mechanical and HVAC installations, including vertical and overhead. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Acrobat™ 355/400 Fusion Machine

McElroy's Acrobat machines that feature the QuikFit™ carriage are size specific and are composed of lightweight, modular components so that the upper and lower jaws can be assembled around the pipe by hand. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Hornet Fusion Machine

The Hornet's patent-pending design allows it to self-align on the center of the pipe while a guided carriage facilitates the drilling of the outlet hole and fusion of the fitting - keeping everything perfectly aligned without repositioning the machine. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Polygon Fusion Machine

The Polygon is a multifaceted machine used to butt fuse joints and fabricate miter joints from zero- to 45-degree angles with additional socket fusion capability for polypropylene pipe. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Extruded Fintube

The extruded fin is formed from an outer aluminum tube with a large wall thickness (muff), which is aligned over an inner base tube. The two tubes are pushed through three arbors with rotating discs that literally squeeze or extrude the aluminum fins up and out of the muff material in a spiral shape in one operation. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Acrobat™ 160 Low-force Fusion Machine

The Acrobat™ 160 is a low-force fusion machine that allows operators to butt fuse pipe in tight work spaces with fusion capability of 63mm - 160mm (2" - 6"). With its small footprint and optimal weight, it is an easy machine to manipulate when performing overhead fusions in tight spaces as well on the ground. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Acrobat™ 250 Compact Lightweight Fusion

The Acrobat™ 250 has a compact design for easy maneuvering in tight indoor work spaces specific to the polypropylene industry. To further reduce its footprint, the carriage can be configured from 4 to 3 jaws without tools. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Applied Fintube

The McElroy applied tube finning machine is a miniature high speed rolling mill synchronized with the rotation and advance of the tube. Quick change, steady rest input and output racks, allow a 1" tube to rotate at up to 3000 RPM. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - McElroy Manufacturing, Inc Acrobat™ 315

The McElroy Acrobat™ 315 fuses pipe from 200mm to 315mm (8"-12"). The small footprint of this machines allows operators to fuse in tight spaces. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - DYNAMC® 250 EP (ELECTRIC PUMP)

The DynaMc® 28 EP (electric pump) is a small, versatile fusion machine available in 2- and 4-jaw configurations. The low cylinder force machines were designed with a small footprint, allowing fusion operators to take the carriage into small working areas. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - McElroy Acrobat™ 180

Flexible to Meet the Demands of Any Jobsite - McElroy Acrobat™ 180

A versatile machine designed for butt fusion of 63mm to 180mm (2" IPS to 6" DIPS) pipe and fittings. The machine offers consistent butt fusion joints in an economical, reliable package. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - TracStar®900 Series 2 Auto Fusion Machine

New McElroy fusion machine features Tier 4 engine

McElroy has launched a new machine in its flagship TracStar® series that offers advanced emissions reduction and automation technologies allowing users to meet today's toughest regulations in air quality and data logging.

The new TracStar 900 Series 2 Automatic features a Cummins US EPA Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - MegaMc® New Pipe Fusion Machine

MegaMc® is mega player in fusible pipeline construction

Versatility and power are the key components of McElroy's new fusion machine, the MegaMc® 1648 Series 2. The fusion carriage is mounted on a rugged wheeled chassis and is removable for in-ditch or close quarters work. The carriage can convert from 4 to 3 jaws as needed and interchanges easily with its tr... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - McElroy fusion machine for desert water line

McElroy fusion machine selected for desert water line project

McElroy's MegaMc® 1600 fusion machine was selected to fuse pipe in support of drought mitigation activities being undertaken by the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation. As a part of an ongoing initiative to preserve water resources during the West's ongoing and historic d... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - McElroy launches the SmartFab™ 125

McElroy has released the SmartFab™ 125, its first benchtop machine which offers a smarter way to socket fuse pipe and fittings for polypropylene piping systems. The machine is portable and can be positioned on any flat surface for precise prefabrication on large assemblies.

Advanced features of the SmartFab 125 include its innovative inserts which have the ability to reduce... (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - MegaMc® 824 a Mix of Muscle and Versatility

The McElroy MegaMc® 824 is a mix of muscle and versatility. Operators can butt fuse polypropylene pipe sizes from 355mm to 630mm. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Mini-Mc® Smallest Fusion Machine

McElroy's smallest fusion machine makes small diameter butt fusion projects simple. They are compact, lightweight, highly reliable, accurate and rugged. This machine requires only one operator and works in the most difficult conditions. (read more)

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. - Pipe Butt Fusion Machine -- Pit Bull® 250

McElroy 250 machines come in multiple configurations to ensure your pipe fusion needs are covered. The 250 machines butt fuse pipe sizes from 63mm to 250mm (2" IPS to 8" DIPS). The Pit Bull® 250 is used for special applications where the Rolling 250 or TracStar® 250 is not needed. All McElroy 250 machines incorporate a 4-jaw carriage that can be converted to a 3-jaw c... (read more)

News articles and press releases for McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.:


McElroy, a leading manufacturer of pipe fusion equipment, has unveiled the new Polygon, a versatile tool uniquely built for the needs of the mechanical, plumbing and HVAC piping industry.


The new McElroy Acrobat 315 is helping meet the demand for larger polypropylene pipe fusion capability up to 315mm (12”) while offering low- and high-force options for polyethylene pipe.


McElroy’s Hot Tap Tool and Test Cap lines — available for years in Imperial sizes — have recently been expanded to meet the international fused piping industry’s metric needs.


The McElroy Spider™ 125 Series 2 socket fusion tool introduces an all-new, serrated jaw design that keeps polypropylene pipe perfectly round and improves force distribution to produce leak-free joints for top-performing plumbing and mechanical systems.


McElroy is pleased to announce the addition of two rental houses that will stock its rapidly-expanding line of polypropylene machines and tools.


McElroy's new DataLogger 6 is loaded with new features that make collecting and analyzing data on fusible pipeline projects easier than ever before.