Harness Tester 8740N/8740NA/8740FA

Featured Product from Microtest Corporation

The Microtest 8740 harness tester has 8740N, 8740NA (8740NAC), 8740FA four different models, and provide 128, 256 and 512 pins. These four models are different for AC/DC high-voltage measurement value. The 8740NAC is specially designed for the measurement of TYPE-C, and can also be used with current expansion box for providing the enhanced current carrying capacity of Type-C charging cables therefore ensuring quality of charging current passing through the cable.

The measurement items of 8740 cable/harness tester have (1) Open/Short;(2) Conductance; (3) Components; (4) AC Hipot; (5) DC insulation/ Hipot; (6) Quick conductance (7) Intermittence O/S, and (8) Quick Intermittence open circuit.

It provides a completed RS232 communication to transfer the test results back to the PC terminal for storage as well. The built-in memory space can store more than 200 groups of the test files. It supports RS232, USB and the Printer interfaces.


  • The maximum measured test points is 512 points.
  • It completes "Linear" and "Safety" tests simultaneously
  • No-SegmentLinear Contrast Adjustment of LCD
  • Optimized Man-Machine Interface, Simplified Operation Procedure
  • Provide Single-Side Test / Insulation Test
  • Simple Ox-Horn Terminal Output without Switch Board Pressure Durable or Moisture Problems
  • Provide 320*240 Resolution Graphic LCD Display
  • Number of Test File Setting up to 500 groups
  • USB (Software Update, Test results, Backup Setting)
  • High Speed Intermittence Open/ Short Function
  • Output Electric Current Leakage Allowance of Pressure Durable Test 5mA, Intermittence 10mA
  • The fully programmable continuous test
  • To adopt the advanced technology of the "Intermittence Open/ Short and conductance test"
  • Auto-scan and auto pin search

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