Compact Pressure Switch for Sanitary Applications

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This field adjustable, compact pressure switch is intended for low- to mid-range process applications. The Tri-Clamp® compatible, polished, process connection makes this switch ideal for food, beverage and other sanitary services. Set point stability and vibration resistance are a function of the Nega-Rate® Belleville disc spring. This unit features 316 stainless steel construction, an explosion-proof/hermetically sealed electrical assembly, 18" standard free leads and SPDT or DPDT electrical forms and a wetted material surface polish of 9 - 11 micro inch Ra (0.23 - 0.28 micron Ra).


  • Electrical: Snap action electrical switch listed by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., FM Approval and CSA International
  • Electrical Connection: 1/2 NPT male conduit connection with PVC insulated 18 AWG, 18" long leads
  • Pressure Connection: 1 1/2" sanitary fitting mates with Tri-Clamp® fitting†
  • Temperature Range
    • Ambient: -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C)
    • Media: -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)
  • Adjustment: Internal, slotted adjustment with range scale
  • Shipping Weight: Approximately 2 pounds