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A2B Microphone for Vehicle Communication

Featured Product from Ningbo Kepo Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Kepo vehicle-mounted microphone conforms to GBT 14198-2012 Microphone General Specification and ITU-TP.1110 Vehicle Communication Standard (ITU Telecommunication Standardization Department). The acoustic performance test is carried out in strict accordance with GBT12060.4-2012 Sound System Equipment Part 4 Microphone Measurement Method.


Technical Advantages:
· Adopting the A2B method, the product has excellent performance and low delay, which can reach less than 50us.
· Take protective measures such as shockproof and windproof for the microphone to ensure product performance.
· Professional spectrum analysis is available.
· Joint development and discussion of acoustic simulation, hardware circuits, algorithms, etc. can be carried out.
· Customized design is available.
· Fully automated production line, MES traceability system.
· With professional anechoic chamber and testing equipment such as B&K, KLIPPEL and several complete acoustic testing systems.


· Directivity: Omni-directional
· Sensitivity: -26±2dB, 0dB=1V/Pa,1KHz,8V
· Operation Voltage: 8±10% V.D.C
· Max. Current Consumption: 25mA, at 8V
· Max Input Sound Level: 120dB, at 1KHz, 8V
· Distortion: <1.0%, @94dBSPL@1KHz; <3%, @106dBSPL@1KHz
· Signal to Noise Ratio: >65dB, A-weighted