Micro Blowers...for mobile devices

Featured Product from Pelonis Technologies, Inc.

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 Pelonis Technologies - Select from a variety of small blowers for mobile devices!Micro Blowers use Axial Air-Gap Technology. This makes them smaller and more energy efficient than traditional blowers and have almost no power loss at higher temperatures.

Micro Blowers can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Portable medical devices
  • Portable computers and electronics
  • LED lighting
  • Smartbooks and tablets
  • Portable HDD
  • IP cameras
  • High-speed memory modules
  • CCTV security surveillance systems
  • Pocket projectors
  • Micro fuel cells
  • GPS devices
  • Portable plasma generators
  • Portable air-quality monitoring devices
  • Ventilation and defrosting
  • Mask/Helmet/Glass ventilation
  • Solar and wind energy devices