Push on Fasteners that Generate Clamping Load

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The CDS™ microPEM® ClampDisk™ fastener presses straight onto a 1 mm pin to replace threads, adhesive, rivets and other small fasteners. The upward flanges of the disk grip onto the pin and prevent push-off while the downward flanges flex and generate clamp load.

Ideal for micro/targeted applications in automotive electronics and consumer electronics assemblies:

  • First micro fastener of its kind on the market at this size/shape
  • Installs onto a pin or cast post
  • Used for sheet-to-sheet attachment
  • Part provides a clamping load from the flexing of its downward facing flanges located along  part’s perimeter
  • Can be used to replace a number of welded screw, nut, or adhesive assemblies
  • Can be easily removed with a sharp-edged tool
  • Compatible with multiple materials
  • Rapid, easy installation – axial installation force
  • Tamper-resistant design