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Boost Bandwidth with RapidPIX™ Compression

Featured Product from Pleora Technologies Inc.

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Pleora Technologies is introducing new patented RapidPIX™ lossless compression technology that increases data throughput by almost 70 percent while meeting the low latency and reliability demands of machine vision and medical imaging applications.

RapidPIX is initially available on Pleora’s new iPORT™ NTx-Mini-LC platform, which provides a compression-enabled drop-in upgrade of the widely deployed NTX-Mini embedded interface. With added compression, designers can deploy the iPORT NTx-Mini-LC to support low latency transmission of GigE Vision compliant packets at more than 1.5 Gbps throughput rates over existing 1 Gb Ethernet infrastructure. Manufacturers are designing the iPORT NTx-Mini-LC embedded interface with RapidPIX compression into X-ray panels for medical and dental imaging, contact image sensors (CIS), and industrial camera applications.

While boosting bandwidth performance without requiring a costly infrastructure upgrade, the lossless compression solution also minimizes the amount of data transmitted over the network to reduce power consumption. The mathematically lossless compression technology supports multi-taps and multi-components. Imaging data is fed into the RapidPIX encoder, which analyses imaging data against compression profiles and selects the best approach based on application requirements. Latency performance is less than two lines, or approximately 0.022 milliseconds, when deployed on a system operating at 1024×1024 resolution, Mono8 pixel format with two taps at 40 MHz. Latency performance can be further reduced depending on the number of taps and pixel format.