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AGV System: unlimited system expansion/flexibility

Featured Product from Savant Automation, Inc.

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AGV, AGV and AMR navigation schemes all have their benefits and drawbacks but do NOT overlook the very important ‘Vehicle & System Technologies’ associated with these various navigation schemes........they can CONSTRAIN what you can do in the future with your system .

‘Versatility’ and ‘Flexibility’ are critical factors when choosing a guided vehicle technology.
Beyond the type of Navigation, it's the guided vehicle suppliers’ Vehicle & System Technology that makes the vehicles operate as a 'system' in your facility. It can either limit or increase the ‘bang for your buck’ of your capital investment depending on the level of versatility and flexibility that technology provides.

This system employs Savant low-profile AGVs to automatically connect to a string of carts, tow to and leave them at new location. The AGVs just reverse under the lead cart, lock to it by extending a pin into plastic block attached to the underside of the cart then, switch to forward travel to transport the cart string to a new destination.

The hitching and unhitching of the cart string is simple, inexpensive and very reliable. The AGVs can move single or multiple carts as needed in different areas of the facility....all without operators needing to be present.

The path is ‘virtual’ and 100% reliable because the vehicle navigation does NOT employ tape, targets or depend on people maintaining clear ‘line-of-sight’ to walls or other ‘natural feature’ navigation references.  An easy to change map file the vehicles follow allows unlimited system expansion and change flexibility.

Savant’s one-of-kind combination of Navigation, Vehicle and System Technology provides the most versatile, flexible, reliable, and affordable guided vehicle system solutions compared to what others offer.  

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