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Model DC-10i Low-Profile AGV

Featured Product from Savant Automation, Inc.

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The DC-10i has a low-profile chassis allowing it to tunnel under pre-positioned carts or utilize load handling attachments for interface with other automation.

In addition to automatic cart pickup, transport and delivery of carts, it can be configured with powered roller or lift /lower decks, utilized for towing strings of carts, and can integrate with other automated system processes.

Application Versatility - The vehicle is ideal for transporting loads between work cells, from picking areas to shipping, receiving to storage, buffers to line feed locations, as well as supporting input/output of stretch wrappers, palletizers and storage systems or used in assembly line applications. This highly maneuverable AGV can safely travel in high traffic and in tight, space-restricted areas.

Maintenance-free, Infinitely Scalable ‘Virtual Path’ - The DC-10i utilizes a highly reliable and accurate, navigation system employing an inertial sensor chip to track a virtual route CAD map in the vehicle’s memory. It is ideal for all environments, especially where damage-vulnerable magnetic floor tape, line-of-sight dependent laser reflective wall targets, or required clear view to wall-reliant lidar/vision type natural feature tracking technologies are not practical or desirable. The easily and quickly changed path map is infinitely scalable……there are no limits on the length of path or number of destinations.  Plus, the map.



Capacity (gross) - 1,700 lbs. (cart or powered load handling attachment)

Ramp Capacity - Up to 6% with reduced capacity

Load Type - Application specific Attachments: Tunnel Under or Pinned Platform Cart, Cart String Towing, Roller Conveyor or Chain Conveyor Transfer, Lift Deck

Drive -  Single wheel steer/drive

Steering - Steered-wheel with fixed load wheels

Drive Motor - 0.13 kw permanent magnet motor

Drive Wheel - 5.9” (159mm) diameter x 2” (50mm) wide Vulcolan

Caster Wheels - 6” (152mm) diameter x 2” (50mm) wide

Frame - Unitized structural steel

Brake - Electric, fail-safe

Manual Operation - Pendant control

Approx. Weight - 350 lbs. empty

Automatic Speed - 200 fpm max. (61 mpm);16 speed ranges, programmable area speeds

Turning Radius - 3’ minimum (approximates pivot about inside rear wheel)



Controls - Microprocessor, CAN bus

Electrical System - 24-volt power

Navigation System - “Virtual” wireless navigation (inertial - ‘tape/target-free’)

Communications - WiFi, 900 or 450MHz RF bands

Safety - Multi-range, selectable profile safety-rated laser sensor(s)

Nominal Positioning Accuracy - ± 1” (25.4mm) longitudinal, ± 1” (25.4mm) latitudinal
Tighter tolerances - optional

Battery System - Maintenance-free, TPPL battery set with discharge sensor

Battery AH - Two (2) 12V, 86AH amp-hour

Battery Cycle - 8 hours minimum, based on standard duty cycle of 20% idle, 40% in motion full speed loaded, 40% in motion full speed unloaded.

Charging Method - Automatic (Fast) charging or optional built-in charger.