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FAQ: Packaging

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The logistics of shipping and packaging can be a headache when you’re working with components of all sorts of shapes, sizes and quantities. To help simplify the process we’ve highlighted some of the key ways that Smalley can get you the parts you need quickly and efficiently.

Bulk Polybag

                This is the most common type of packaging. Rings or springs are placed into a large sealed bag and placed in boxes for shipping. This type of packaging is ideal due to the fact this is most cost effective, efficient and simple

Coin-Style Roll Pack

                This is another common style of packaging. The rings and springs are neatly lined up and tightly rolled into a heavy weight paper and then placed in boxes for shipping. This type of packaging gets its name due to the similarities in appearance to a roll of coins you would get from a bank.

Cardboard or Plastic Tubes

                This type of packaging is preferred by customers when they need parts stacked neatly on top of each other for ease of assembly. Generally, this type of packaging is used for parts under 2 inches in diameter however, there are exceptions.

Shrink Wrap

                Shrink Wrap packaging is similar to the cardboard or plastic tubes in the sense that parts are stacked on top of one another. Shrink wrapped parts are ideal when there are specific assembly requirements.

VCI Bags or Paper

                Parts are packaged in VCI bags or paper when customers require a secondary form of corrosion resistance in transport. If you have concerns about part corrosion, this might be the solution for you.

Wire Loop

                In wire loop packaging, parts are strung along a piece of wire, similar to the configuration of a necklace, to avoid tangling. This type of packaging can be used for “micro” or small diameter parts as an inexpensive way to minimize tangling.

Thermoform Trays

                Thermoform trays are used for their ease of assembly and when a clean room environment is required. The trays are specifically formed to the parts’ diameter to eliminate contamination and tangling.

Returnable Containers

                We work with several customers on maintaining and managing returnable container programs. These programs are most often utilized when a customer is placing a repeating large volume order.

                Smalley is always willing to review other packaging options if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Contact a Smalley Engineer with any special packaging requests you might have.