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Introducing Miniature Roller LM Guide - HRG

Featured Product from THK America, Inc.

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THK has released the Miniature Roller Type LM Guide HRG8, 10, and 12, which are the smallest roller type LM Guide models.

The HRG is an LM Guide that uses rollers for the rolling elements. This addition to the product lineup addresses customer needs and provides the special features that only rollers can offer. As the smallest roller type guides, the HRG8, 10, and 12 achieve higher rigidity and a longer service life than other LM Guide models of similar size. Thanks to its structure that can handle loads applied from four directions, the HRG can be used in a variety of mounting orientations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

In recent years, small and highly rigid LM Guide products have been in demand as the trend of compact designs and fast takt times has further accelerated in the market for chip mounting machines and other devices. The roller type LM Guide HRG meets those needs with superior performance that provides functional value.

The expanded product lineup includes three models: the HRG8 with an 8 mm wide rail and 16 mm wide block, the HRG10 with a 10 mm wide rail and 20 mm wide block, and the HRG12 with a 12 mm wide rail and 27 mm wide block. Customers can also choose between short, standard, and long blocks.

THK contributes to the compactness, high rigidity, and high-speed performance of a wide range of equipment, from general industrial machinery to precision machinery and large, high-precision machine tools.


The Smallest Roller Type - The HRG is the smallest among roller type LM Guide models. Its compact size makes it ideal for places where space needs to be conserved.

Rollers Provide High Rigidity and a Long Service Life - The special characteristics of the rollers in the HRG grant it higher rigidity and a longer service life than other LM Guide models of similar size.

Ability to Bear Loads in Four Directions for a Variety of Mounting Orientations

The HRG is designed so the LM block has the same basic load rating in all four directions. This allows it to be used in many mounting orientations (wall-mounted, horizontal, inverted, and vertical) and for a wide range of purposes.