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THK America, Inc. - Interchangeable Ball Splines-Enable Compact Parts

Interchangeable cylindrial ball spline nut. LT-X nut is more compact than the conventional ball spline nut, Model LT. Outer diameter is up to 10% smaller. This product is compatible with LM bushings.

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THK America, Inc. - Anti Cage-Creep Linear Motion Guide


VRG is a finite stroke linear motion guide with rack and pinion mechanism. It provides smooth and highly accurate linear motion without cage-creep.

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THK America, Inc. - Compact - High Rigidity - Precision Rollers


A compact, highly rigid LM system whose roller cage holding precision rollers orthogonally aligned one after another travels by half the stroke on a V-shaped groove formed on a rail.

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THK America, Inc. - Telescopic slide rails that expand and collapse

The ATG is a telescopic slide rail with an inner and outer rail that expand and collapse. This product features a high load capacity, superior durability, and two rows of balls that enable smooth, stable movement. It can also be mounted with an ease unique to slide rails

Conventional slide rails have been widely adopted in the sliding portions of various types of office machinery,... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Benefits of Our Linear Bushings - THK

Linear Bushing model LM is a linear motion system used in combination with a cylindrical LM shaft to perform infinite straight motion. The balls in the loaded area of the nut are in point contact with the LM shaft.

With the Linear Bushing nut having the most accurate cylindrical shape, this type is widely used.

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THK America, Inc. - Getting You Products Fast with Quick Ship

While manufacturing lead times have been increasing industry-wide, our customers continue to experience the benefits of product availability. Here at THK America, we understand that our customers have tight project schedules and the need to meet deadlines. That’s why we offer our Quick Ship Program, which allows you to get many of the high-quality THK parts you need i... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - LM Guide easily performs symmetrical operation

The KR-RL type actuator easily performs gripping, opening/closing, and symmetrical operations with the driving element using left and right threads. Actuators simplify the design and construction of systems by combining separate components, including Linear Motion Guides, drive systems (ball screw or belt), and base frame, into one part.

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The simplification of design and construction of systems in our actuators results in a very compact design as well as provides significant cost savings. If you're looking for a very easy way to quickly build up multi-axis systems, streamline design time, and have the opportunity to focus on performance instead of implementation, look no fu... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Cam and Roller Followers - designed to be compact

Our Cam and Roller Followers are designed to be compact with high rigidity to ensure optimal performance for your manufacturing needs. We have a variety of sizes, types and models for use in your various applications.

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THK America, Inc. - Link Ball with superb abrasion resistance

The Link Ball is a spherical slide bearing with a ball stud that provides smooth operation with a minimal clearance. With superb abrasion resistance and large oscillating angle, this product is suitable for the link motion mechanism of various types of automated machines.

This model’s holder made of high strength-zinc alloy is connected in perpendicular to the ball shank. Wi... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Maximize Your Production with Cross Roller Rings

Compact bearings that can handle loads and moments in ALL directions with one piece by arranging the rollers perpendicularly. Proprietary design spacer retainers allow for for large load capacity.

The Cross Roller Ring is a roller bearing with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing loads in every direction. Because it has orthogon... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Compact Ball Spline

The LFK-X/LFH-X type Ball Spline helps save space due to its compact outer dimensions and light weight. This allows for more compact mounting and peripheral components.

The models LFK-X and LFH-X are designed with a lower core height than the conventional model LF-X. This enables more compact designs and space-saving connections of peripheral components.

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THK America, Inc. - A revolutionary rotational solution from THK

Cross Roller Rings

With the Cross-Roller Ring, cylindrical rollers are arranged crosswise, with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent roller, in a 90゜V groove, separated from each other by a spacer retainer. This design allows just single bearing to receive loads in all directions including, radial, axial and moment loads. Since the Cross-Roller Ring achieves hig... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - The THK Mobile Showroom - A Traveling Trade Show

The THK Mobile Showroom is a traveling trade show displaying the most durable and reliable linear motion products. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - 4-Way LM Guide suitable for ultra-high rigidity

The THK Advantage:
Global Standard Roller Guide (HRX)

The HRX is a 4-Way Equal Load Roller LM Guide that is suitable for ultra-high rigidity and ultra heavy loads. Each row of rollers is arranged at a contact angle of 45° so that the LM block has equal load ratings in all directions (radial, reverse radial, and horizontal directions), ensuring... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Heavy-duty self-aligning sliding bearing

The Spherical Bearing is a heavy-duty self-aligning sliding bearing. Highly resistant to impact loads, this product is most fitted to the oscillating section under slow, heavy loads.

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THK America, Inc. - Compact bearing with a high-rigidity shaft

The Cam Follower is a compact bearing with a high-rigidity shaft and a built-in needle bearing. Most suitable as a guide roller for cam mechanisms and linear motion of automated machines and dedicated machines.

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THK America, Inc. - Cross Roller Rings for movement of X-ray receptors

Advanced medical technologies are tools for doctors, and assistive devices reduce the burden on caregivers. Progress in medical services, including highly computerized medical apparatuses, protects people's lives. THK's products meet the highest reliability standards required for medical apparatuses.

Our LM Guides and Cross Roller Rings are used for movement of X-ray receptors. Th... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Sowing the Seed for Growth in Medical Robotics

Seed Solutions and THK: Driving Progress in Medical Robotics

Medical robotics is a relatively new field. In a short period of time, the market for surgical robots and other medical robots has grown considerably with organizations like Seed Solutions paving the way with innovative advances.

Our Case Study: Sowing the Seed for Growth in the Medical Robot Market shares... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Why Your Supplier’s Supply Chain Matters

Your Supply Chain is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Supplier

A strong supply chain is the foundation of any manufacturing business, yet many organizations overlook the importance of their supplier's supply chain. If a business partner is unable to provide parts for maintenance in a timely and reliable fashion, they can put your entire operation at risk.

In Why Your Su... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Recruiting the Engineer of the Future

Finding and retaining good engineering talent has been a perennial challenge for manufacturers. Read The Engineer of the Future: A Guide to Recruiting New Engineers to make sure your organization has the tools to maintain a pipeline of fresh talent that will set it up for success in both the long-term and the short-term. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - THK's High Rigidity Fully Enclosed Actuator KRF

THK's fully enclosed actuator model KRF features a fully enclosed design the prevents all issues caused by foreign materials entering from outside. The actuator body's high rigidity allows for a compact, space-saving design. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Why Product Quality Always Comes First

Selecting a vendor for your product offerings can have a huge impact on your production line. Read Why Product Quality Always Comes First to learn tips on quality testing and the key attributes of a high quality vendor. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Increase Quality with Component Customization

Make the most of your brand and rise above the competition with a better understanding of how customization can work for you. Read Adhering to Brand Standards with Component Customization to learn how utilizing customized components can help you increase quality and separate yourself from the competition. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - How Centralized Stocking can Help Inventory

Production equipment is often overlooked when it comes to centralized stocking. Read Streamlining Inventory with Centralized Stocking to learn more about the application of centralized stocking models to production equipment, and how to create your own. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Purchase THK Products Online!

Visit THK America's Online Store. Purchase THK products online! Large Inventory Major Credit Cards Accepted 2D/3D CAD & Product Configurator Easy Access Grease MSDS Custom Orders Engineering Support Available for USA, Canada and Mexico Customers If you have any questions, please contact TOSsales... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Seismic Isolation Systems

THK Seismic Isolation Systems protect your property. Many believe that business continuity requires an enormous amount of effort, but there are some things that can be done without major difficulty, such as installing seismic isolators that protect the valuable property of a company from earthquakes. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Linear Ball Slides

The Linear Ball Slide is a lightweight, compact, limited stroke linear guide unit that operates with very low sliding resistance. It excels in high-speed responsive performance due to its very small frictional factor and low inertia. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Linear Motion Guides

The LM Guide (Linear Motion Guide) is our main product, incorporating a part with a linear rolling motion into practical usage for the first time in the world. It realizes the development of high-precision, high-rigidity, energy-saving, high-speed machines with long service lives. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - IoT Failure Detection for Manufacturing Industry

OMNI edge is a new service offered by THK that enables predictive failure detection. It works by installing sensors on existing components to monitor their damage and lubrication status, then collecting data to analyze and provide alerts. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - LM Guide Type SSR Light

THK's New LM Guide type SSR Light was designed for the Aerospace Industry. It has 40% lss weight than other LM guides and has high speed operation and THK's Caged Ball technology. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Compact Caged Ball Screw Type SDA

New Compact Caged Ball Screw SDA

The Compact Caged Ball Screw model SDA responds to high-speed application at 5,000 min -1 (maximum DN value: 130,000) and realizes low noise, comfortable running sound and long-term mainteniance-free operation. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - LM Guide with Linear Encoder

Combines the global standard Model SHS and a THK linear encoder. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - New Rolled Ball Screw BTK-V Type

THK's new Rolled Ball Screw type BTK-V

This Rolled Ball Screw feed achieves a DN value of 100,000 by using a new circulation structure. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Compact Linear Guide - LM Roller

The LM Roller is a compact linear guide with high load performance and a mallet type roller able to make infinite circular motions. This product is optimally applicable to machines required for high positioning accuracy, repeatability and rigidity. (read more)

THK America, Inc. - Miniature (Micro) LM Guide Sizes SRS5 & RSR1

Use of a ball cage eliminates friction between balls, and achieves low noise, acceptable running sound, long-term maintenance-free operation, and superbly high speed response. These offer a lightweight, small compact design that is great for applications in the medical and semiconductor industry.

We offer micro LM guide sizes starting at 1mm as well as larger mm sizes in these mod... (read more)

THK America, Inc. - The Link Ball Series

Each THK Link Ball is comprised of a high precision bearing ball, a laden die cast holder, and a shank or yoke connected to the ball by a special welding method. (read more)