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Category: Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Systems
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THK America, Inc.
THK America, Inc.

Caged roller guides – The caged roller guides adopt a cage to prevent the introduction of skew, realizing low-friction smooth motion. They are ultra super rigid roller guides that offer long life and long-term maintenance-free operation.

Caged ball LM guides – The balls in the caged ball LM guides are retained and separated by ball cages which eliminate the friction between the balls. In addition, a grease pocket is formed between the balls and the cage. This increases the block’s grease retention capability, ensuring long life and long-term maintenance-free operation.

LM guides – THK’s LM guides transform sliding linear motion into rolling motion. They apply the rotation theory of the “well base ball bearing”, which is the easiest to use and most economical rolling bearing, to the linear motion parts. The type of contact between the rolling surface and the ball has been transformed from “Point contact” toward “surface contact” by providing R-shaped grooves with a radius close to that of the balls on the rolling surface.

Ball splines – A ball spline is a direct motion system in which the balls can convey a torque being generated either from the spline shaft or the spline nut while making a linear motion smoothly in the raceway groove of the precisely ground spline shaft.

Ground ball screws – A wide variety of high-precision ball screws are available as standard parts so that users can select the most suitable part according to their application. Also available as a series , are a line of ball screws which are suitable not only for conventional shaft rotation use but also for nut rotation.

Rolled ball screws – THK’s rolled ball screws are low-cost ball screws which adopt a screw shaft that incorporates a rolled thread and special surface grinding instead of an expensive ground screw shaft.

Linear bushings – THK’s linear bushings are direct motion systems that, used in combination with a hardened shaft, give infinite linear motion. Since their load balls and hardened shaft make point contacts, they support linear motion at a minimum frictional resistance and offer highly precise smooth motions though their permissible load is rather low.

Cross roller rings – Since cross roller rings are arranged so that they alternate orthogonally with each other on a 90-degree V-groove-shaped rolling surface through spacers; a single bearing can carry loads in all directions, including radial, axial, and moment loads.

Rotary series – THK’s cam and roller followers are compact and rigid bearings which incorporate needle bearings, and are used as cam mechanisms and linear motion rollers, respectively.

Spherical joints – THK’s spherical bearings are self-aligning slide bearings for carrying heavy loads. The rod end provides clearance and extremely smooth rotation and oscillating motions. The ring balls excel in wear resistance and realize clearance-free smooth motions.

Actuators – These are a series of actuators that combine linear guides, ball screws, and linear motors. THK offers a line of actuators in wide variations including a single-shaft type. These actuators can be combined into multi-axis systems.

Units– Units refer to tables that combine the LM guide and ball screws in an XY configuration and offer high-precision feeds. They are the results of combining THK’s best technologies and include standard tables, hollow tables, and tables that automatically correct misalignments.

Linear Motor Actuators – These actuators are optimized for LM guide ratings and motor heat dissipation thus enabling the creation of high quality linear motion systems. The actuators can be customized in various ways to conform to LM guides with different surface treatments or surface requirements. These high precision units feature high speed, sharp acceleration and deceleration, a fast response time, long stroke and clean and quiet operation. Special purpose units can also be created by combining a discrete linear motor with specially designed mechanisms.

Seismic  Isolation Systems – A company's business continuity is often called into question. Many believe that business continuity requires an enormous amount of effort, but there are some things that can be done without major difficulty, such as installing seismic isolators that protect the valuable property of a company from earthquakes.

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