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Introducing the Rad-icon 2329HS

Featured Product from Teledyne DALSA

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Teledyne DALSA’s Rad-icon product family of large-area digital x-ray cameras offers users a high-speed, high-performance x-ray imaging detector with a fast, reliable PC interface (either GigE or CameraLink) for easy integration.

Here's what makes the Rad-icon 2329HS stand out:
High-Resolution for ultimate precision and accuracy.

10X Faster Framerate: Experience lightning-fast image capture compared to our previous Rad-icon 2329 detector, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

3X Higher Sensitivity: Achieve unparalleled sensitivity, empowering you to capture even the most intricate details.

Key Features:
- 27Mp 49.5um pixel CMOS sensor to deliver incredible resolution and frame rate
- 23 x 29 cm large active area
- Passive cooling
- Flexible Gd2O2S (GadOx) or CSI (Cesium Iodide) scintillator options for diverse resolution and sensitivity needs
- 10 GigE interface to support high-resolution high-speed image capture
- Designed for high energy X-ray applications
- User-friendly software tools for stand-alone operation or seamless integration with your application software

Ready to experience the future of X-ray imaging?