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Teledyne DALSA - On Demand Webinars: 6 Advanced Technology Sessions

Teledyne Imaging, a division of Teledyne Technologies, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its multi-session virtual event held recently to introduce its newest and most innovative imaging solutions for machine vision. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - High-res CoaXPress camera for harsh environment

High-resolution CoaXPress cameras engineered for long-term reliability in harsh environments. Teledyne DALSA expands its Genie Nano camera portfolio with CXP models built around Teledyne e2v Emerald CMOS sensors. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Genie Nano-1G Camera Series extension

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE:TDY] company and global leader in machine vision, is pleased to announce the extension of its Teledyne DALSA Genie Nano-1G Camera Series based on third generation Sony® Pregius® Global Shutter CMOS sensors. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - AI-powered - skin temperature screening solution

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE:TDY] company, and global leader in digital imaging technology, is pleased to provide its new Calibir GXF thermal camera as a critical component within Nuvoola’s LUKE™ AI Health Screening and Protection (HSP) solution. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Thermal camera elevated skin temp screening

Calibir GXF is optimized for measurement accuracy and thermal stability in the human temperature detection range (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: Vision System Ensures Speed and Accuracy

Hand-counting piston rings as small as 0.29 - 0.79 mm in width and packaging them in various batch counts, was not only adding to labor costs, but also proving unreliable in the highly competitive automotive sector. A far more reliable answer came in the form of a custom machine vision solution. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: Creating an Improved Sports Experience

When the San Francisco 49ers kicked off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2020 Super Bowl, Fox Sports had more than 100 cameras on hand to catch every aspect of the game. Included were more than two dozen Super Motion cameras designed to capture the action at up to 1,800 frames per second, two SkyCams, and one high-speed camera to capture the entire game in 8K for the first time. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: Imaging Inside Out: SWIR for Apples

Food. The food industry forms the economic backbone of many countries, both for national consumption and export. Each contributes to jobs and livelihoods around the world and is an expression of culture and values. It’s also essential to our survival.

And it’s changing. While it’s still too early to measure the true impacts of COVID-19 on global trade and consump... (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - CLHS cameras - true high-performance image capture

Teledyne DALSA expands the Falcon4-CLHS camera portfolio with high-performance Teledyne e2v Lince 11.2M CMOS sensors

The Falcon4-CLHS camera incorporates very large resolutions and faster frame rates for improved image quality. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Two-camera smart system, factory floor application

Teledyne introduces two-camera smart system for automation supporting Visible, LWIR and 3D sensors. Compact and versatile, the new VICORE smart system targets factory floor applications (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: Technology Fixes for a New Normal

Amid various predictions of what the post-COVID-19 environment will be, Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s view stood apart for its clarity and scope. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Thermal imaging for fever detection in 2020

As government and business leaders start to talk about “returning to normal,” and looking to thermal cameras to help, questions remain about “how,” and whether the latest technology can help. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Calibir GXM Cameras - Elevated Temp Screening

Ideal for Applications Like Elevated Temperature Screening (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Webinar - Intro to Linea SWIR line scan camera

Teledyne DALSA's NEW SWIR line scan camera enables defect detection beyond the visible. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - The family of SWIR line scan cameras expands

The new Linea SWIR 512 offers up to 66 dB dynamic range and spectral response from 950 to 1700 nm

The Linea SWIR camera has the ability to differentiate materials, detect moisture and identify contaminants in a product stream. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Line scan camera defect detection beyond visible

The first SWIR line scan camera from Teledyne DALSA offers up to 74 dB dynamic range and spectral response from 950 to 1700 nm (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: Genomics in the Race Against COVID-19

Advancements in genetic technology are making it faster, easier, and less expensive for public health experts to understand how this new coronavirus spreads. Time is of the essence for the people on the front lines of this outbreak as the virus has already sickened tens of thousands. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - New LWIR Cameras

Teledyne DALSA is pleased to introduce its latest family of LWIR cameras, the CalibirTM GXM series. Using Teledyne DALSA’s own VGA 17um microbolometer technology, Calibir GXM cameras offer exceptional infrared imaging performance, with great sensitivity, outstanding dynamic range for wide temperature coverage, and factory-calibrated radiometric performance. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Faster GigE vision interface cameras, high-res

Teledyne DALSA expands the Genie Nano 5GigE camera portfolio with high-performance ON Semiconductor XGS 45MP, 30MP and 20MP global shutter sensors (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Genie Nano-CXP Cameras Boast Speed and Resolution

Teledyne DALSA expands their CoaXPress camera portfolio with new color models (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Industry's highest resolution in line scan imaging

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE:TDY] company and global leader in machine vision technology, is pleased to announce the release of its newest charge-domain CMOS TDI camera – the Linea HS 32k TDI camera using patent-pending pixel offset technology. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: A Close Look at Vision Guided Robotics

Teledyne Dalsa article: How complex automation challenges are being met through the marriage of robotics and advanced machine vision. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: AI and medical imaging

AI and medical imaging: building a relationship on solid data foundations

The reasons and concerns behind augmenting traditional medical diagnosis using machine learning (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Article: Has 3D finally come of age?

If you looked only at the movie industry, you could be forgiven for thinking that 3D was a failure. Repeatedly, 3D has been promoted as the next big thing in movies, only for it to fade within months of its last showing. In the perhaps less glamourous world of machine vision, where 3D imaging remains several years behind 2D in terms of image quality, rendering, and ease of use (despite t... (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - CLHS Xtium2 frame grabber: low-cost & feature-rich

New frame grabber offers high bandwidth free data-forwarding for distributed image processing (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Keeping an eye on Quality - machine vision

How machine vision has revolutionized quality control in manufacturing. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Genie Nano built w/ 16M Emerald™ CMOS image sensor

Teledyne Imaging’s newest cameras deliver true 16M resolution, global shutter and a compact C-mount lens (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - New Piranha™4 8k trilinear color camera

Replacing the bilinear Piranha4, the trilinear model offers improved color imaging at a lower cost and can be used in a variety of industrial applications including print, printed circuit board, electronic component, and general web inspections. (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Linea HS TDI Camera high-speed & high-sensitivity

Teledyne DALSA’s newest charge-domain CMOS TDI cameras in production now (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - Need to Upgrade Vision Cameras from CCD to CMOS?

New high-speed GigE Vision cameras enable smooth transition from CCD to CMOS imaging (read more)

Teledyne DALSA - 3D laser Profiler Excels at Inline Measurement

The Z-TrakTM LP1 series of 3D laser profilers deliver accurate and precise height measurements in an ergonomically designed compact unit, with a powerful FIR-peak detector. (read more)