Medical Equipment & Device Hinges

Featured Product from TorqMaster International

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Top-of-the-line Medical Equipment Hinges provide reliability & durability that’s paramount in Medical environments! Secure heavy-duty monitor hinges for medical carts, pole mounted monitors, tabletop monitors, tilted screens, ultrasound machines, heart rate monitors, mobile medical equipment, medical diagnostic and analysis equipment monitors. 

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All TorqMaster friction hinges feature:

·         Balanced or Unbalanced Torque – specify the torque & torque direction required.

·         Available in right or left hand configurations

·         All hinges meet and exceed life testing to 30,000 cycles.

·         Corrosion protection available

·         Minimal or no springback

·         No backlash

·         360 degree shaft rotation – pivot and stay put in any position

·         Ability to mix and match housings & shafts / adapters to fit exact requirements

·         100% poduct testing available – min / max and average torque

·         Smooth, consistent feel over hinge lifetime

Hinge Specifications-

Features: TorqMaster hinges have no backlash or free play and minimal springback. Friction elements are spring steel. Corrosion protection is available. Please inquire regarding hinge conductivity. All shafts rotate 360 degrees. All hinges feature constant torque over life (30,000-plus cycles typical). TorqMaster hinges are assembled from inventory for fast delivery with no tooling charges.