Hydra-Cell Positive Displacement Diaphragm Pumps

Featured Product from Wanner Engineering, Inc.

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Hydra-Cell's unique seal-less, hydraulically-balanced diaphragm pump handles difficult applications eliminating problematic mechanical seals, packing or magnetic couplings. The compact design reduces space requirements and acquisition costs, and the multiple diaphragm configuration provides non-pulsing flow for accuracy, linearity and repeatability. The Hydra-Cell pump has the ability to run dry indefinitely and handle small solids and abrasives at pressures of up to 2500 PSI.

The Hydra-Cell pump features Kel-Cell, the patented diaphragm position control technology that protects the diaphragm from failure due to high inlet vacuums caused by inlet pipe blockage, closed inlet shut-off valves, clogged strainers and high viscosity fluids.

Hydra-Cell pumps' durability, performance and simplicity of design make them the optimal choice for the widest range of pump applications. Regardless of the application, the Hydra-Cell pump is built tough to get the job done without the constant worry of premature failures and high maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, Hydra-Cell pumps have demonstrated lower Life-Cycle Costs than many centrifugal and other positive displacement pumps.

Hydra-Cell Features:

  • Flows from 0 - 37 GPM at pressures to 2500 PSI
  • Wide choice of materials for pump heads, diaphragms and valve assemblies
  • Short lead times
  • Robust construction for long life in difficult industrial applications
  • Runs dry indefinitely
  • Sealless design provides leak-free operation
  • Non-pulsing flow eliminates expense of pulsation dampeners and reduces pipe strain
  • Accurate, repeatable and linear flow
  • High volumetric efficiencies
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimal maintenance - no cups, packing or seals
  • State of the Art manufacturing

Hydra-Cell Pumps are "Simply Built...to Last!"