Sustainability in Test Chambers - EPA AIM ACT

Featured Product from Weiss Technik North America, Inc.

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Sustainability in EnvironmentalTest Chambers  LEEF - LOW GWP Technology - EPA AIM Act Future Proof Your Environmental Testing Cmpact Your Business More….and the Environment Less

Improve your Carbon Footprint and reduce Energy costs with LEEF Technology and LOW GWP R-449A Refrigerants
EPA AIM Act - Phasedown of Test Chamber Refrigerants

Prepare yourself for ever more stringent future standards and regulations. Weiss Technik is the first environmental test chamber manufacturer to apply low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) R-449A refrigerants in all its test chambers formerly using R-404A. It’s 64% lower GWP value is great news for the environment and helps your company support both corporate & federal sustainability programs. Weiss Technik has redesigned and extensively tested its refrigeration systems to make sure that the use of R-449A comes with no loss of performance and reliability.


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