Able Electropolishing Company, Inc.

Electropolishing is an excellent fit for medical devices because of the multiple benefits the process has to offer. Manufacturers like electropolishing because of the effectiveness of one process to achieve a finish that is smooth, free of burrs, corrosion resistant and clean. It's also one of the most efficient metal finishing processes available. Read more...

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Able Electropolishing Company, Inc.

lectropolishing auto parts has proven to be an effective method of deburring and removing other surface contaminants that may break loose after assembly. In addition, electropolishing auto parts significantly improves their corrosion resistance, which is especially critical for welded assemblies exposed to corrosive elements like road salt. Read more...

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Zygo Corporation

ZYGO's Super Finishing process produces extremely smooth surfaces over a wide power spectral density (PSD) band on materials such as fused silica, sapphire, YAG, etc. Our unique process (also known as Super Polishing) is capable of producing a surface roughness of < 1 Angstrom (< 0.1 nm), over spatial periods ranging from 10 nm to 1 mm. Read more...

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Metal Cutting Corporation

•Controlled surface finishes as smooth as Ra 1 microinch (Ra 0.025 ㎛) are achievable.
•Can polish customer-supplied complex machined parts including improving laser, stamped and etched component surface finishes.
•Small diameter wire can be mechanically polished in our custom abrasive media to surface finishes beyond the reach of electrochemical-base... Read more...

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Protomatic, Inc.

For parts requiring a cosmetic finish, Protomatic, Inc is well versed in using systematic processes for making parts picture perfect. Included in our process technique is part design/process design, part material and hardness, blank manufacturing quality, tool design, fixture design, machine condition, gauges and technique, lubricant chemistry, and the machinist . We machine soft aluminu... Read more...

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