Sterling Systems & Controls

The process industries include food, feed, petfood, agriculture and more. The manufacturing process consists of a variety of steps connected together through automation. Each process control system is CUSTOMIZED to meet specific requirements. Read more...

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Harper International Corporation

Harper's full integrated pilot scale Carbon Fiber systems offer features and conditions aligned with production scale systems for customers making higher amounts of material for sampling and trialing yet at smaller quantities than full scale Production Lines. Read more...

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Fluidwell bv

Video: A customer required an accurate and user-friendly batch controller for supplying the precise amount of water to produce the required concrete mix. Because of the heavy duty applications they needed a product with a high ingress protection to prevent cement powder and water hose downs penetrating the instrumentation. Read more...

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High density I/O options with one housing

The ME-IO housing system from Phoenix Contact features front connection technology and up to 36 push-in connection points. Create your own configuration with our ME-IO configurator.

Design engineers can build custom controller with Phoenix Contact’s ME-IO housing

With the ME-IO housing from Phoenix Contac...

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