MCA - Advanced Materials Division

  • Medium and heavy duty liners
  • Superior, steady release of materials
  • Abrasion-, corrosion- and chemical-resistant
  • High impact strength
  • Outlasts traditional materials
  • Weighs less than aluminum or steel

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Polyguard Products, Inc.

Alumaguard® Lite flexible weather-proofing cladding from Polyguard Products is one of the family of Alumaguard cladding products that offers superior cold weather performance, ease of handling and application and true zero perm performance. Read more...

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Caplugs Series CEG Edge Liners securely grip each contact of edgeboard connectors and are also used for single in-line devices. These extruded conductive edge liners are the most cost-effective way to provide both ESD and physical protection for circuit boards and subassemblies. Read more...

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