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Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - The Benefits of Neoprene Coated Fabric

At Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc., we develop neoprene-coated fabrics under our ARMATEX® brand for standard and specialist applications. Our neoprene products typically include curtains, disposable clothes and welding blankets as well as pads that increase the value of your welding applications. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - What Are Insulation Fabrics Used For In Aerospace?

Some specific uses of insulation fabrics in the aerospace industry include:

  • Insulation around the jet engine components to prevent heat transfering to the cockpit or cabin.
  • Insulating parts of the cabin to help regulate temperatures and maintain a comfortable environment for those traveling.
  • Providing insulation to cargo containers to prevent fires f...
(read more)

Silicone is an excellent choice for heat-resistance applications because it is highly resistant to aging, weathering, and UV light. It is also water-resistant and smoke and flame retardant. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - APPLICATIONS OF HIGH HEAT ROPE

High heat ropes are used as a seal in a wide range of high-temperature applications because of their outstanding thermal and mechanical properties. They can be manufactured from a range of substrates, and each material provides different benefits. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - What Is A Removable Insulation Blanket?

Removable insulation blankets are used in applications with high temperatures and require an insulation barrier to prevent heat from escaping equipment. This blog post will explain the many benefits of using removable insulation blankets. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - What About Space Textiles? 

Our wide range of chemical formulation, fabric coating, weaving, and fabrication capabilities allow us to offer solutions to all aerospace and aviation manufacturing needs, as well as those for spacecraft. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Materials for Passenger Boarding Bridges

ARMATEX® exhibits excellent strength and resistance to fire, weathering, and abrasion meaning it is well-suited to outdoor applications. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - WHAT IS VERTICAL INTEGRATION?

In recent times, supply chain issues have hit many industries, leading to long lead times and unsatisfied customers. One way of combatting this is through vertical integration. Vertical integration is a strategic structure implemented by a company meaning that they own the entire supply chain for their product (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - IS PTFE COATING (TEFLON) SAFE?


Mid-Mountain uses a low VOC coating for their black textiles, ensuring that PTFE coatings and solvents are not required. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - EMISSION CONTROL IN BAGHOUSES



Thermal losses are one of the biggest challenges industrial potlines face due to poor or neglected thermal insulation. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Sealing Potlines with High Temperature Seals

The use of high temperature seals optimizes both quality and production, saves relining time, and, most importantly, ensures a sustainable potline operation. High temperature seals also allow effective sealing of furnace doors, which is crucial to maintain positive pressure inside the potline. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Do Airplanes Have Heat Shields?

Airplanes routinely use lightweight protective heat shields to increase turbine efficiency and to eliminate mechanical faults associated with excessive amounts of heat propagating from the engine. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Looking for Automotive Heat Shields?

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-temperature fabrics and textiles for insulation and thermal barriers. Our solutions have been used to shield space shuttles and landers contending with the extreme heat of sub-orbital flight and re-entry. (read more)


Although the importance of thermal insulation in food processing largely centers around food quality and profitability, there are countless reasons why insulation materials provide rich returns in the food processing industry.

If you are looking for insulation solutions for specific thermal processes, why not contact a member of the Mid-Mountain Materials team today? (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Using Thermal Insulation in Hydroelectric Plants

At Mid-Mountain we have a large range of thermal insulation products, which you can read more about in our blog post on how thermal insulation is used. Alternatively, contact us today for more details. (read more)




Thermal solar collectors absorb sunlight to collect heat. The term thermal solar collector is often used in reference to a device for heating water, however the term also can be used for large power generating installations or non-water heating devices. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - How can Mid-Mountain Help with Emission Control?


Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Is Your Robotic Investment Protected?

Robots in industrial manufacturing can be a great benefit, but they need protection from the extreme elements within manufacturing plants that cause downtime or possibly destroy the internal mechanics of a robot. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Fire Resistant Fabrics for Pallet Covers

Unfortunately, freight fires are more common than you may think, and, as such, we have worked tirelessly to manufacture a material that can mitigate the risk of a major blaze by containing a fire and keeping it separate from other potentially flammable fabrics. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Coated Industrial Fabrics for Oil & Gas Insulation

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. provides industrial fabrics to an extremely diverse range of market sectors. We routinely supply value-added solutions for oil and gas facilities, that can help improve ROIs in a number of ways. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Tank Insulation: When To Use Industrial Textiles

Welded storage and process tanks are abundant in virtually every walk of modern life. When should one use industrial textiles for tank insulation and which materials work best? (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - What are Turbine Blankets?

Although extremely well-established, large scale turbines represent a significant safety risk and a potential point of process inefficiency. Turbine blankets are often prescribed to alleviate concerns with each of these issues. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Tray Pads for Protection and Cost Reduction

Our THERMOPAK® Tray Pads are high temperature, high durability pads used as aluminum protection for coils, slabs, and plate from damage by direct contact with steel transport trays, V-racks, sling trays and rail cars during annealing, transport, cooling and storage of the aluminum. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Industrial Fabrics for Steam Trap Insulation

There are many aggravating phenomena to contend with in modern industrial spaces: corrosion via process materials, differential pressures, high temperatures, humidity, mechanical forces, etc. Many components and processes must overcome multiple abrasive and corrosive mechanisms simultaneously to ensure optimal operation, which may subsequently affect safety and throughput. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Lightweight and Fabricated Parts in Aviation

Mid-Mountain explores the importance of lightweight materials and fabricated parts in aviation construction and how they can effectively improve passenger safety. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - High-Temperature Seals for Aluminum Protection

Thermal barrier seals are commonly used to protect the various components in a Hall-Héroult reduction cell. A typical cell requires a range of high-temperature seals that are inert in the presence of molten metals and extremely corrosive agents. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Refractory Cement for Critical Component Adhesion

Mid-Mountain is a leading manufacturer of mechanical solutions for high-temperature applications. Our refractory cements are optimized to withstand thermal expansion and contraction when used to adhere rigid mating components in high-temperature environments. These products include: (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Cargo Fire Containment

Global trade is built on our ability to safely supply commodities all over the world. This depends upon secure transport between different regions, to ensure that goods from one market can be readily supplied to consumers from another. Protecting products during transit is vital to this success. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Insulating Engine Compartments

Various fabricated parts can be integrated into engine compartments to ensure maximum operating efficiency and to eliminate faults through gradual drifting of integrated components. Induction systems generate excessive amounts of both heat and vibration, which – if allowed to propagate through the system – can contribute to poor mechanical performance and eventual failure. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Fabricated Parts for Light Aircraft:

At Mid-Mountain Materials, we support aircraft manufacturers of all scales with a suite of precision-made fabricated parts designed to address key design areas within fuselages, manifolds, cargo holds, and more. All our fabrication solutions are made on a custom basis with customer specifications at the forefront of our minds. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Using Spark Blankets for Rail Maintenance

At Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc., we have developed a wide range of high-performance fabricated parts based on precision thermal materials. We supply stress relieving blankets for rail maintenance and spark blankets for heavy duty track maintenance applications like welding and grinding. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Fabricated Parts for Air Infiltration Sealing

Looking for durable fabricated parts to control air leakage in your processing environment? Whether you are looking for a retrofit or a ground-up solution, we are confident that our design specialists can deliver an insulation product that exceeds your expectations and delivers long-lasting value. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Seal Efficiently with High Temperature Gaskets

Our range of gaskets are engineered with chemical, high-temperature, and abrasion resistant materials, which makes them ideal for use in a range of industries. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Cargo Covers from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. develops fire containment products and thermal insulation for cargo holds and transit applications. With a wealth of experience in the fabrication of high-performance thermal composites, fabrics, and textiles, we are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of high-value industries with functional solutions. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Outlining Silicone-Coated Rope

One of the primary components manufactured using silicone rubbers is silicone-coated rope, which is designed as a high-temperature resistant sealant for numerous industrial applications. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Thermal Insulation: What is it & How is it Used?

At Mid-Mountain, we utilize high purity refractory ceramic fibers, silica-based fabrics, fiberglass mats, and many other types of insulating materials to ensure safe and optimal performance in any application area. Our industrial insulation systems offer unprecedented performance in some of the harshest industrial applications available (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Selecting the Best Thermal Insulation

At Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. we develop tailormade thermal insulation solutions for clients in all manner of industries, building on a tried-and-tested catalog of insulating materials. In this article, we will outline five things you should consider for selecting the best thermal insulation for your application.
(read more)


» Improved operational efficiency

» Personnel Protection

» Sound Attenuation

» Energy Conservation (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Sealing Solutions for Primary Aluminum

THERMOPAK®External Cathode Bar Seals and Anode Bar Seals are inherently resistant to the extreme environments of Hall-Héroult reduction cells. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Materials Used to Make Heat Resistant Fabric

Heat resistant fabrics are used for a wide range of applications including welding protection, aerospace safety, and fire prevention. Heat resistant fabrics can be made of a variety of different materials that provide a range of different heat resistant properties. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Specialty Airbag Fabrics

The Benefits of Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.’s Specialty Airbag Fabrics (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Silicone Coated Rope Vs Gaskets

Silicone coated rope and die-cut gaskets are primarily used to seal voids and mating surfaces, working in tandem with ceramic insulation within the thermal chamber. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Key Benefits of 2025 Fiberglass Thermal Insulation
  • Continuous use temperatures of 1000°F (538°C)
  • Intermittent use temperatures of 1200°F (648°C)
  • Good strength-to-weight ratios, with a nominal weight of 18 – 21 (oz/sy)
  • Inherently resistant to a range of chemicals and airborne particulates
  • Good resistance to direct, intermittent flame impingement
(read more)
Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Specialty Airbag Fabrics for Bespoke Cushioning

Our proprietary range of specialty airbags can be fabricated using ARMATEX® coated fabrics, which that combine high-performance base fabrics with a high-functionality silicone coating. This structural arrangement provides an outstanding combination of mechanical stability and abrasion resistance, to ensure that airbag fabrics operate at increasingly demanding standards. (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Covers and Seals to Prevent Dust Contamination

THERMOPAK® Fabricated Parts are manufactured for use as thermal insulation barriers in applications that encounter high temperatures, emissions, chemical attack, and abrasion. The range of THERMOPAK® fabricated parts includes high temperature seals, and thermal insulation curtains and blankets.

We can manufacture these products to specific application requirements, ensurin... (read more)

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. - Thermal Insulation Barriers for Maximum Protection

THERMOPAK® Fabricated Parts are manufactured for use as thermal insulation barriers in applications that encounter high temperatures, emissions, chemical attack, and abrasion. The range of THERMOPAK® fabricated parts includes high temperature seals, and thermal insulation curtains and blankets.

We can manufacture these products to specific application requirements, ensurin... (read more)