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SureServo2 servo systems are fully digital and offer a rich set of features to cover a broad range of motion control applications in sizes from 110W to 15kW Read more...

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Exsenco, LLC

IRDM + IRDS-SV servo controller Industrial network type (command: analogue or pulse)

  • Adopting Simple Adaptive Control theory
  • High speed servo calculation cycle : 5kHz
  • Several kinds of industrial network are available for IRDM to interface with host system (CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT).Possible to connect GY sensor...

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Exsenco, LLC

I-SAC Adaptive Servo controllers are a revolutionary line of servo controllers that exceed standard PID controllers completely. They employ adaptive control coupled with DSP based signal processing which make the I-SAC controllers a “set and forget” equipment for your industry. Also the I-SAC series come with many configurable options that you can avail to make this product s... Read more...

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Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Companies can increase the overall effectiveness of their machines and help shape operations that are more flexible, reliable and energy-efficient using the new QuickStick® 150 Intelligent Conveyor System. Read more...

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Festo Corporation

The CMMP-AS- Preimum Servo Drive etends the existing line of preimium drives with improved performance including increased current-loop bandiwdth for smoother motions, more accurate motion profiles, incrased inertia rateios of 20 to 1, and higher accelerations and decelerations. Read more...

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