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AMETEK Programmable Power - MIL-STD-1399-300B Shipboard Power Test Software

AMETEK Programmable Power, the global leader in programmable AC and DC power test solutions, has a Shipboard Power Test Software Option compliant with MIL-STD 1399 Section 300B of the Department of Defnese Interface Standard for Electric Power, Alternating Current. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Sorensen SGX Series DC Power Supply

The Sorensen SGX Series represents the next generation of high power programmable DC power supplies. The SGX Series is designed for exceptional load transient response, low noise and the highest power density in the industry. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Asterion Series DC Power Supplies

The Sorensen Asterion line of DC power supplies by AMETEK Programmable Power combines intelligence and flexibility to create an advanced platform of DC solutions in 1.7, 3.4, 5.0 & 10kW. The new DC series features two types of product lines: fixed range and autoranging. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - AMETEK's Asterion® Line of AC Power Sources

AMETEK has added two models to its Asterion® line of AC power sources: the 4503 supplies AC/DC output power up to 4,500 VA; the 6003 supplies up to 6,000 VA. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - ReFlex Power Chassis

ReFlex Power™ is a high density, modular programmable power system providing DC, AC and electronic load assets all under control of a single controller. It provides a reconfigurable, flexible platform ideal for ATE and production test environments where RFP™ can provide programmable stimulus and bias power as well as programmable loads for the device(s) under test. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - EMX-1434 Modular PXIe Board

The EMX-1434 is an arbitrary source/tach high performance modular PXIe board.  It is uniquely designed for sound/vibration and DSA applications and can be easily synchronized with digitized data giving the capability to combine the required source and signal analysis into one single chassis to maximize flexibility. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - PL Series DC Electronic Load

AMREL's PLW Series of “water-cooled” DC Electronic eLoads are capable of being custom-tailored to meet your specific application requirements. The PLW Series also offers a unique condensation protection design, the highest power density and current rating, as well as the widest selection of high-voltage models on the market. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - CS Series AC Current Source

The CS Series represents advanced AC current source that addresses increasing demands on manufacturers to test products using real-world current profiles. By combining true current trans-conductance amplifiers with an advanced digital controller and harmonic power analyzer, CS Series current sources are capable of performing tests that would traditionally have been difficult to accomplish. (read more)

News articles and press releases for AMETEK Programmable Power:


AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME) completed the previously announced acquisition of the programmable power business of Xantrex Technology, Inc. (TSX: XTX) for $120 million in cash.


Elgar Electronics Corporation (EEC) announces ReFlex Power™ (RFP ™) for military automated test at the IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2005 conference being held Sept. 26–29, 2005, in Orlando, FL.


Compact Programmable Power Supply Now available with Ethernet: Ethernet/LAN connectivity is now available for the Sorensen DLM 600W series.


Elgar Electronics Corp.,an associate sponsor of Rahal Letterman Racing, congratulates the team for their strong finish at the Indianapolis 500.


Elgar Electronics Corporation receives a prestigious supplier quality award from JPL/NASA. The award recognizes suppliers who have demonstrated superior quality and excellent process control in the products and services provided to the space agency.

Elgar Loads Up! 03/05/2005

Elgar Electronics Corporation (EEC) announces the SL series, an exciting new family of electronic loads.


Elgar Electronics Corporation announces that they recently joined the LXI Consortium, the steering organization developing the LXI standard; an interoperability definition for next generation, LAN based modular platform products.


Elgar Electronics Corporation, a world leader in programmable power supplies, announced the addition of William Ruff to the corporate executive team as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.


Elgar Electronics Corporation announced the ABD0100.1.8 Test Suite, a powerful software package that greatly simplifies power bus compliance testing of components and subsystems for the Airbus A380 aircraft.


Elgar Electronics Corporation, a leading manufacturer of programmable AC and DC power supplies, announces the appointment of Jason Lee as Director of Technology Partnerships.


Elgar Electronics Corporation announced the SG series, a new family of high power DC power supplies. This new series introduces performance features unique to the industry and a bold new direction in styling that is the future for Sorensen products.


Elgar Electronics Corporation has selected Keithley Instruments Inc. as a distributor of their programmable AC and DC power supplies marketed under the worldwide recognized brand names of Elgar, Sorensen and Power Ten.

The Power of 3 03/02/2004

Elgar Electronics Corporation today introduced its new corporate logo and image campaign. Made up of the corporate initials (eec) the logo represents an abstract of the universal icon for "power on", incorporating the "Elgar Blue" and the "Sorensen Red".