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AMETEK Programmable Power - Solar Array Simulator for Satellite Power Test

This recent application note explores why a space company needed a flexible solution for designing and validating the power distribution network of a spacecraft. AMETEK Programmable Power's experience in solar and space applications enabled effective communication and understanding of the company's needs, delivering the right solution. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Critical Test Instruments Enhance Gas Turbines

This white paper explores how gas turbines are reliable in various power/energy applications, including grid stability alongside renewable sources, backup power for industrial complexes, and microturbines for residential use. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Programmable Sources & Loads for Renewable Energy

In this new application note, learn how programmable sources and loads helped a manufacturer develop microinverters and electric vehicle (EV) projects in the context of renewable energy. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Selecting the Right Programmable Power Solution

In this comprehensive guide, understand modern advancements in power supplies, the importance of power systems, and how to get the right solution based on your specific application. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Guide to Select the Best Programmable Power Supply

Choosing the right programmable power source/supply is critical. In this guide, understand modern advancements, the importance of power systems, and choosing the right solution based on your specific application. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Transition to Modern Programmable Power Supplies

AMETEK Programmable Power's new e-Book, Easing the Transition: Product Development & the Evolution of Your New Generation Programmable Power Supplies, is an extensive guide which offers insight on how to upgrade your legacy power supplies and sources with minimal downtime while also delivering modern enhancements. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Preparation Time Eases EOL Transition of Products

The past year, 2022, marked a year of high activity for AMETEK Programmable Power, as our new Asterion AC and Asterion DC lines gained momentum and we launched our Sequoia Series and Tahoe Series of programmable power sources. Our plans for 2023 are no less exciting and momentous as we announce a phase out of some of our legacy product lines... (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Emulation Builds Bridge to Future Power Sources

In this white paper, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power discuss what emulation is and how it can benefit your long term solutions. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Top Considerations When Choosing Power Supplies

As new technologies develop, how can a customer have a forward-thinking mindset while choosing modern programmable AC sources or DC supplies? Find out more in this white paper! (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Understanding Product Lifecycles

In this white paper, learn about a product’s lifecycle, how its lifecycle can affect any end-of-life (EOL) transitions from a supplier, and how you manage those transitions effectively and efficiently. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Multiple-Output DC Supplies Application Note

In this application note, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power discuss applications such as military and aerospace test, the benefits of a multiple output DC supply, and more. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - New Sequoia Series: Regenerative Grid Simulators

Watch this short video to discover more about the new California Instruments Sequoia Series, a full four-quadrant regenerative grid simulator with an optional regenerative electronic load mode. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - New Precision Programmable AC and DC Sources

AMETEK Programmable Power is pleased to unveil the new California Instruments Sequoia and Tahoe Series of precision programmable AC and DC sources. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Leverage New Technologies w/High-Power AC Sources

Meet the ever-evolving industry requirements with flexible, reliable programmable instruments. In this white paper, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power explain how you can upgrade to meet power technology advances. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Energy Absorber Test Systems Optimize Performance

Methods of adjusting flight control surfaces have evolved since the early years of flight when simple mechanical linkages controlled the first adjustable surfaces, with the pilot providing the power. In this white paper, Energy Absorber Test Systems Optimize Performance, learn more about the alternative to this, called Power-by-Wire (PBW). (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - White Paper: Avionics Software Options for Testing

In this white paper, learn how programmable power sources are invaluable for simulating aircraft power buses and much more. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - IoT Opens Door to Driverless Control

Driverless control is the latest evolution of test and measurement. Download our white paper today to help you save time and money when setting up a data acquisition system. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Asterion DC ASA Series: Multi-Output Power Supply

The Asterion® DC ASA Series is the newest addition to AMETEK Programmable Power's portfolio. The ASA series features 3 independent, isolated channels for a combined 1800W total output power. The autoranging supplies feature expanded current and voltage range at the full output power level, enabling the ability to satisfy a wider testing need without requiring the purchase of addition... (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Solar Array Simulator Helps Get JWST Into Orbit

In this application note, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power discuss ground testing and a great variety of solar-array modes to mimic conditions like eclipses and spin modes, as well as many more simulations that help get satellites like JWST into orbit. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - White Paper: Data Acquisition for White Goods

In this white paper, the experts at VTI Instruments discuss the factors that contribute to a successful data acquisition strategy for energy efficiency compliance in the white goods industry. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - PLA and PLW Series: DC Electronic Loads

The PLA and PLW Series from AMETEK Programmable Power are air-cooled and water-cooled programmable DC electronic loads. They offer operating-mode options which support testing of fuel-cells, batteries, photovoltaic systems, solar-cells and power supplies. Both models are capable of being customized to meet customer application requirements. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Power Sources for Energy/Power Generation Market

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewables accounted for 21% of U.S. power generation in 2020, and their share will increase to 42% by 2050. AMETEK Programmable Power is well positioned to serve conventional and renewable energy and power-generation applications with a range of standard products. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Asterion DC ASM Series: Enhanced 3-Channel Power

The Asterion® DC ASM Series is the newest addition to the Asterion platform of power testing solutions. The new ASM Series features up to three independent, isolated, fixed-range outputs in a 1U high chassis. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - PV-panel, grid and Residential-load Simulation

As renewable energy sources continue to grow, with solar a large part of that growth, we see the PV inverter market reaching $13B by 2027. Download our white paper, Programmable Power Supplies and Loads Provide Comprehensive PV Inverter Test, to learn how to surround your PV inverter with simulation instruments to ensure optimum performance and standards compliance. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - The Pros and Cons of PLA and PLW

In our recent white paper, Programmable Electronic Loads Offer Cooling and Operating-Mode Options, the experts at AMETEK Programmable Power talk all about the considerations for electronic loads in the renewable energy space. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Improve Power Testing w/Multiple-Output Supplies

When it comes to power and test applications, efficiency is key. The quicker you can perform tests, with the least amount of setup time and capital/energy costs, the more tests you can perform and the faster you can validate your product designs. Here at AMETEK Programmable Power, we are always looking to increase the performance and efficiency of our power supplies. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Basics of Selecting Your DC or AC Power Supply

AMETEK’s Power Selection Handbook will guide you through these and other important questions to make sure you find the right power source for your application. Fill out the form on the right to download your free handbook. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Online Store for Programmable Power Supplies

Visit AMETEK Programmable Power's online store for featured programmable power supplies and VTI Instruments products. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - The Case for Change: PXI Express (PXIe) vs. PXI

Want to learn more about how PXIe instrumentation can help optimize your operations? AMETEK Programmable Power’s newest white paper, The Case for Change: PXI Express (PXIe) vs. PXI, covers everything you need to know about the newer PXIe standard and how it can improve the speed and performance of your communications testing systems. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - White Paper: The Future of Renewable Energy

If you want to make the most out of your new designs, AMETEK Programmable Power’s new white paper, The Rise of Renewable Energy: Accelerating Change Through Better Power and Testing Solutions, is just what you need. This go-to industry resource covers the key considerations for advanced power and testing systems, while showcasing the technologies that are driving innovation... (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Your Complete Guide to Functional Testing

In order to ensure that your functional tests are up to par, check out AMETEK Programmable Power’s new industry resource, The Complete Test and Measurement Guide for Better Functional Tests. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - What’s Powering the Military and Aerospace Sector?

AMETEK Programmable Power’s new white paper, Going Beyond: How Better Power and Testing Solutions are Taking the Military and Aerospace Industry to New Heights, covers the challenges of the industry and how to improve your products through advanced power and testing solutions. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Discover the Total Power Solution for You

AMETEK Programmable Power’s new industry resource, the Programmable Power Handbook: How to Select the Right Power Solution for Your Application, walks you through how to ensure your power supply is the right one. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - White Paper: How Power Solutions Drive Innovation

AMETEK Programmable Power’s new white paper, Powering the Future: Enabling Education and Research Innovation Through Next-Level Power and Testing Solutions, details the key considerations for power and testing in the education and research space, along with current trends that are advancing what is possible. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Better Measurements Guide for Data Aquisition

AMETEK Programmable Power’s new industry resource, Data Acquisition: The Complete Guide to Better Measurements, covers everything from the finer details of signal integrity to how you can build a better overall data acquisition system. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Asterion Series DC Power Supplies

The Sorensen Asterion line of DC power supplies by AMETEK Programmable Power combines intelligence and flexibility to create an advanced platform of DC solutions in 1.7, 3.4, 5.0 & 10kW. The new DC series features two types of product lines: fixed range and autoranging. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - SMX Product Family

SMX products offer the largest collection of PXIe switch products on the market (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - EMX-70xx Programmable Resistance Cards

The AMETEK VTI Instruments EMX-7000 SERIES PXIe Precision Programmable Resistor Ladder modules provide four independent channels of programmable resistors. The EMX-7004 is capable of delivering exceptional stability and accuracy for any resistance value between 1 Ω to 16,383 Ω and can be adjusted in 1 Ω increments through the software application programming interface (... (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - VTI's 16-Channel Strain Instrument: EX1403A

Built on the principle of delivering superior signal integrity, the EX1403A strain instrument from VTI Instruments offers unrivaled flexibility and seamlessly scales from small to large channel-count systems. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - MIL-STD-1399-300B Shipboard Power Test Software

AMETEK Programmable Power, the global leader in programmable AC and DC power test solutions, has a Shipboard Power Test Software Option compliant with MIL-STD 1399 Section 300B of the Department of Defnese Interface Standard for Electric Power, Alternating Current. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - Sorensen SGX Series DC Power Supply

The Sorensen SGX Series represents the next generation of high power programmable DC power supplies. The SGX Series is designed for exceptional load transient response, low noise and the highest power density in the industry. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - AMETEK's Asterion® Line of AC Power Sources

AMETEK has added two models to its Asterion® line of AC power sources: the 4503 supplies AC/DC output power up to 4,500 VA; the 6003 supplies up to 6,000 VA. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - ReFlex Power Chassis

ReFlex Power™ is a high density, modular programmable power system providing DC, AC and electronic load assets all under control of a single controller. It provides a reconfigurable, flexible platform ideal for ATE and production test environments where RFP™ can provide programmable stimulus and bias power as well as programmable loads for the device(s) under test. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - EMX-1434 Modular PXIe Board

The EMX-1434 is an arbitrary source/tach high performance modular PXIe board.  It is uniquely designed for sound/vibration and DSA applications and can be easily synchronized with digitized data giving the capability to combine the required source and signal analysis into one single chassis to maximize flexibility. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - PL Series DC Electronic Load

AMREL's PLW Series of “water-cooled” DC Electronic eLoads are capable of being custom-tailored to meet your specific application requirements. The PLW Series also offers a unique condensation protection design, the highest power density and current rating, as well as the widest selection of high-voltage models on the market. (read more)

AMETEK Programmable Power - CS Series AC Current Source

The CS Series represents advanced AC current source that addresses increasing demands on manufacturers to test products using real-world current profiles. By combining true current trans-conductance amplifiers with an advanced digital controller and harmonic power analyzer, CS Series current sources are capable of performing tests that would traditionally have been difficult to accomplish. (read more)