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Aerzen USA Corp. - Process Gas Oil-Free Compressors

AERZEN process gas compressors are installed as single or multiple stage units in chemical, petrochemical, raw material and energy producing plants all over the world. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Hybrid Blower - Energy Savings & Reliability

Aerzen Delta Hybrid is a combination of rotary lobe blower and screw compressor technologies. Wire-to-process energy usage reduction can exceed 30% over typical pd blowers depending on operational conditions and turndown range. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Turbo Blowers: Magnet Bearing vs. Airfoil Bearing

Construction and functional principle of a turbo blower from AERZEN are simple and at the same time effective. As the air supply of modern wastewater treatment plants is clearly designed for maximum availability, high energy efficiency and long maintenance cycles, AERZEN uses for the demanding bearing system within turbo blowers neither oil nor other lubricants - but simply air. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Aerzen MultiCore Turbo Blower

AERZEN turbo blowers. Over the decades we have developed these packaged units to technical excellence. In doing so we have acquired expertise that sets standards throughout the world. This is reflected in improved energy efficiency, low life-cycle costs and specially developed core components. To sum it up: it can be seen in every detail of AERZEN’s continuous flow machines. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Aerzen USA Process Gas Solutions

For over 150 years, AERZEN has been developing a unique expertise for these industries. Beginning with Europe’s first rotary lobe compressor, which we developed in 1868. Our history has given rise to a unique knowledge pool of technological advances and know-how. And we have focused it primarily on our PGD centre – the AERZEN Process Gas Division. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Reliable precision measurement technology

The advantages at a glance:

  • Widest range on the market up to G 4000 (6,500 m3/h)
  • Casing pressure rating PN 10 or PN 16
  • HTB series designed for 5 bar operating pressure (G 40 - G 400)
  • Extended measuring range up to 1:160
  • Guaranteed measuring accuracy and measurement stability within the calibration validity period
  • Re-calibra...
(read more)
Aerzen USA Corp. - Compressed-air technology

AERZEN SYSTEMS offers selection and combination of the compressors, the drying process, the necessary filters, the pipings and the superordinated control. After handing over to current operation AERZEN’S after-sales service is available for you. Consequently your compressed-air station is always well-supplied. (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Blower Technology for Wastewater Applications

How To Select The Most Effective Blower Technology For Wastewater Applications (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - The new generation Delta Blower G5plus

Is it really possible to improve superlatives? - Absolutely, with positive displacement blowers from AERZEN! The new generation Delta Blower G5plus is on the market! (read more)

Aerzen USA Corp. - Alpha Blower available in 2-lobe or 3-lobe design.

Advantages 2-lobe blower technology
•High efficiency in negative pressure operation
•Low investment costs
•Pulsation reduction due to soft inlet as well as multi-flow principle and optional AirSilence

Advantages 3-lobe blower technology
•Low pulsation in the piping
•Reduction of shocks
•High efficiency... (read more)

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Throughout the Commonwealth and the nation there is a strong and growing movement to support community farms and to eat locally grown food; "Buy Fresh, Buy Local".


Keystone Edge Magazine Named Aerzen USA In Pennsylvania’s Five Coolest Buildings List. Distinguished juries usually confer architectural honors after lofty deliberations.


New Solar Panel System Generates Entire Facility’s Electricity - RER Energy Group president Jim Kurtz states “This is unusual for a manufacturing facility. In most cases, solar only provides approximately half or less of a manufacturer's electric needs


Ralf Weiser, a native German working for Aerzen USA Corp., a Coatesville subsidiary of the German corporation, Aerzen USA was a featured speaker for the event.When doing business with German companies.

Industrial Blowers 03/28/2011


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Air Compressors 05/24/2010

AERZEN USA ANNOUNCES REPAIR PARTNERS Aerzen USA Corporation announced the selection of F.H.Ayer Manufacturing Co. as its Midwest authorized service center.