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Budnick Converting, Inc. - Case Study - Mounting a Fuel Tank Emblem

A fuel tank manufacturer was mounting their logo emblems on the exterior of fuel tanks on semi-trucks but the tape being used to do so was failing. The tape was adhering initially, but failed once the trucks took to the road. The tape being used, a double coated film, was the same general purpose tape production workers were using to hold down parts while machining. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Case Study - Withstanding Wash and Bake Cycles

A former customer contact took a new position with an industrial fluid thermal management and equipment protection company. He called us to see if we could consult with them on their masking of metal cabinets for electrical enclosures. The customer needed a tape that could withstand a wash cycle, baking cycle, and another wash cycle. Process improvements were needed as well. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Case Study - Masking Inefficiency Improvements

A large supplier that designs and manufactures major structural components for the aerospace industry called on Budnick to help them with very complex masking applications. When we first visited the account, there was a team of eight employees masking small and large sections of metal airplane parts. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Case Study - Custom Cut Butyl

Our customer, an automotive supplier, had a new project for
a door seal for which they identified a 4mm diameter, round butyl as a fit for the application. However, the product was only available in rolls. The butyl required cutting to 50mm long pieces with
four pieces on an individual sheet. It could not be flattened during processing and had to remain round. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Case Study - Repositionable Thermal Interface

Our customer, an EMI shielding manufacturer, was producing a conductive, semi-cured silicone at their local location. They reached out to Budnick in hopes of finding a solution for a new application. The customer’s new thermal interface material required a repositionable adhesive that would not interfere with the thermal conductivity. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Choosing the Right Adhesive Tape for your App.

Choosing the right adhesive tape for your application involves asking a number of questions. We've outlined some of these questions and pointers to help you fulfill the needs of your application. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Spooling and Finishing Services

Custom finishing personalizes your product or converts it into a format that works best for your process, whether you need user-friendly finished rolls or long-length spools to decrease machine stoppage. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Antimicrobial Long-term Suface Protection Film

3M™ Antimicrobial Durable Protective Film 7760AM is a 2-mil high clarity PET film with removable adhesive (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Not all tapes are the same! Avoid missteps

Not all tapes are the same!

Tape101 ebook

Read our comprehensive guide to adhesive tape properties and selection (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Film, Foil, and Electrical Tapes

Ranging from vinyl marking tapes to foils and glass cloth tapes designed for electrical applications. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Need high bond tapes?

Source for high bond tapes (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Electrical/Electronics Sourcing Guide

Budnick offers electronic engineers the design freedom to solve problems with adhesive tapes, foils, and gaskets for Bonding & Joining, EMI/RFI Shielding, Circuit Board and Thermal Management applications. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Case Study - HUD Surface Protection

An automotive electronics manufacturer needed scratch protection for their heads-up display (HUD) lens. They needed a removable, extremely low tack, and clear surface protection tape. The display lens is concave and eventually recessed in the dash housing, which complicated the application and removal of the die cut. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Polyethylene Foam Tapes

Due to raw material shortages, supply chain issues and manufacturers going out of business, polyethylene foams are one of the product classes experiencing supply interruptions. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Automotive tape sourcing guide

Increasing productivity and decreasing costs are two tasks that purchasers and automotive engineers are tasked with daily, but one easy way to accomplish both these goals is by utilizing pressure sensitive adhesive tapes to replace traditional mechanical fasteners. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. -  Adhesive Tape Search Engine

With more than 10,000 types of adhesive tape on the market, the tape conversion company Budnick Converting, Inc. realizes the challenge facing new product engineers. The company has responded to the need for an effective tape selection system by creating a comprehensive and intelligent adhesive tape search engine (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Adhesive solutions for the Construction industry

Customized converted adhesive tapes, foams, and other adhesive materials can enhance the speed, aesthetics, and performance of building components across applications in the envelope, mounting, finishing, and window and door markets. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Banner UpsĀ® by Budnick

Banner Ups® by Budnick Adhesive Grommet Tabs, Banner Finishing Products, & SEGDesign Frames (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Acrylic Foam Tapes are Superior to Fasteners

High bond acrylic foam tapes are often the ideal solution for bonding, mounting, and joining applications rather than traditional mechanical fasteners, rivets, and liquid adhesives. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Tapes for Truck & Trailer Manufacturers

Budnick provides rolled goods, die-cut foams, and foam sealants to the truck and trailer and specialty vehicle industries, creating solutions for sealing, trim attachment, panel bonding, roof bows, and more. With our wide array of converting capabilities at your disposal, truck and trailer and specialty vehicle manufacturers decrease production times and costs while improving product per... (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Converting Solutions for Appliance Manufacturers

Commercial and residential appliance manufacturers are challenged to innovate sleek new designs and to build quality products at extremely affordable prices. At Budnick, we utilize our experience in the Appliance Industry, material sourcing, and fabricating to help you achieve these goals. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Laminating and Coating Services

Adhesive lamination and coating allow you to create custom adhesives that fit your project's specific needs by applying almost any adhesive to nearly any substrate. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Adhesive Tape Die Cutting

Budnick Converting specializes in die cutting adhesive tapes and other flexible materials to meet your exact specifications and application needs. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Die Cutting Services

We have the versatility to die cut almost any material with a multitude of different processes and hit customer specs every time. Each machine and operator have different qualities that line up with individual customer needs and our years of knowledge makes Budnick the best in the industry. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Prototyping Services Case Study

Engineering and developing new products is never easy, and many times your original part design is not the optimal solution. To assist your efforts in developing new parts, quickly getting them to market, and saving money, your Budnick team offers extensive prototyping services to ensure your pre-production engineering concept is perfect. (read more)

Budnick Converting, Inc. - Precision Cutting Services

Today's engineers need the design freedom to maximize space utilization while creating cost effective products. To succeed, they need both materials and fabricating processes to meet stringent tolerance requirements. (read more)