Inductotherm Group has promoted these products / services:

Inductotherm Group - Induction Heaters

Inductoheat equipment provides induction heating systems for an array of industries. The advanced Inductoheat equipment technology is compatible in industries such as, wind and turbine, aerospace, bus and truck, automotive, off-road vehicles, marine, railroad, hand tools and mining. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm Rail & Mill Roll Hardening

Induction heating is the process best suited for surface heating of steel parts. This technique has many applications, and is especially effective in hardening rolling mill rolls. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Thermatool® Solid State Welders

Thermatool equipment is manufactured to provide the most advanced, reliable, field-proven High Frequency (HF) welding technology available in the world today. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm's Galvanizing Pots

Pre-melting pots are primarily used to provide all the energy needed to melt the metal needed to replenish the main coating pot. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Vacuum Precision Investment Casting (VPIC)

The Consarc Vacuum Precision Investment Casting (VPIC) furnace, designed to increase productivity and accuracy, is extensively used to manufacture high performance castings in the Aerospace, Industrial Gas Turbine, Automotive and Biomedical markets. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Welding, Brazing and Soldering

Thermatool and Radyne equipment offer solutions dedicated to the welding, brazing and soldering industries. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne Induction Brazing & Soldering Systems

Radyne Brazing Systems deliver unmatched quality, repeatability, throughput, and safety that can’t be achieved with flame or hand induction systems. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Electroslag Remelting (ESR)

Consarc brand ESR furnaces are advanced and innovative - many features that have become "standard" on modern ESR installations were initially developed and installed on Consarc ESR systems. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc® Vacuum Arc Remelting

The use of Consarc equipment for the vacuum and controlled atmosphere heating industries has broken new ground in commercial ingot production. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - InductoForge Induction Forge Heaters

Inductoheat's InductoForge® Modular Billet Heating System offers flexibility and efficiency with its individually controlled (500Hz - 6000Hz) power modules. (read more)