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Inductotherm Group leads the industry in the development and manufacturing of advanced technologies, products and systems for the heat-driven transformation of metals and specialty materials. You’ll find us wherever our customers need to melt, heat treat, forge, roll, cut and weld.

Inductotherm Group is structured to reach across the globe and organized to provide localized manufacturing, engineering, service and support in every region of the world. We do it through 40 remarkable full-service companies providing 50 individual product lines organized into 10 global brands.  Each product is designed for superior and consistent performance and offered around the world by a highly developed technology transfer and manufacturing system.

Since our beginnings, we’ve worked to build a reputation for innovation, exceptional engineering and unequaled standards of quality, all focused on solving the large and small thermal processing problems that our customers face every day.

It didn’t happen overnight.  Across six decades, Inductotherm Group has grown, adapted and evolved. The result: A broad offering of products and services to meet the needs of customers across every industry.

That’s why, today, when faced with both routine and complex thermal processing challenges, the world turns to Inductotherm Group for answers.

Inductotherm Group leads the world in the development of products, systems and technologies that give man power over metal. Melting, forging, heating, welding—through those processes and more, man transforms metal into the thousands of products that contribute to our lives and our society.

Metal is a necessity.  It’s everywhere.  It makes our world.  In little ways and very big ways, it upholds our society. You play an important role in changing metal from one form to another.  We do too.  It’s a responsibility we take seriously.  Something we’re determined to do well.

That’s why, today, when the world looks to melt, forge, heat treat, weld, braze or solder metal, it turns to the 40 worldwide manufacturing companies – and the 10 global brands – of Inductotherm Group.

Talk to us about what you’re doing with metal.  Let’s work together.  Because, whether you need to increase control, extend automation, improve safety or enhance quality, we have answers.

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