Inductotherm Group has promoted these products / services:

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm ARMS® (Automated Melt Shop) Systems

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture the ARMS® System, an automated robotic melt shop system that uses a foundry robot to perform hazardous melt deck operations. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Thermatool Quench & Temper Bar & Tube

Thermatool's Harden and Temper Systems feature Solid State Induction power supplies, HAZControl Technology product heating modeling and control system, as well as a high technology modular precision quench system. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne Pipe Coating

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture Radyne Merlin systems, which deliver the most efficient means of heating and coating field joints by carrying out both operations simultaneously. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne Induction Wire Heating

Radyne has developed a series of induction heating modules, designed to heat many types of single strand wire during manufacture. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm Strip Heaters:

Inductotherm brings the world’s most advanced induction heating technology to the continuous annealing and coating lines. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm® Channel Furnaces

Inductotherm Group companies all over the world manufacture Inductotherm® Channel furnaces, which combine high productivity with an economical operation and can provide you with a continuous supply of ready-to-pour metal 24 hours a day. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - InductoScan® Induction Heating System

The InductoScan® modular induction heating system's unique design allows for a wide range of power supplies, controls and components to be integrated onto a common base to better match current production needs. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Vacuum Deoiling (VD)

Consarc have developed a range vacuum thermal deoiling furnaces to remove oils by volatilization at low pressure and temperature. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - IROSS™ Pipe End Heating Systems

iROSS™ Pipe-End Heating Units are designed specifically for heating a variety of tubular goods. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Small Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)

Consarc has developed a range of Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnaces from 2-100 kg (steel) melt capacity for use in small scale production or research applications. (read more)