InfraTec GmbH has promoted these products / services:

InfraTec GmbH - Quad Channel Pyroelectric Detector

The LRM-274 from InfraTec is a quad channel pyroelectric detector ideal for integration into flame sensor measurement instruments. It offers an extremely wide field of view (FOV) in combination with a compact design. (read more)

InfraTec GmbH - Radiometric Microbolometer Camera

Infrared thermography system with 6× infrared zoom lens for thermal analysis of processes with an unprecedented attention to detail for the user. (read more)

InfraTec GmbH - Tunable Pyroelectric Detectors

InfraTec’s series of tunable pyroelectric detectors can be used to monitor a broad spectral region continuously. (read more)

InfraTec GmbH - High-End Infrared Camera for the Mid Infrared Range

The ImageIR® 9500 infrared camera is suitable for highly demanding applications in science and industry, object monitoring and microthermographic analysis of extremely small structures. (read more)

InfraTec GmbH - High-Performance Infrared Camera

The ImageIR® 9400 series of infrared cameras from InfraTec combine top functions that are only otherwise found on several different types of high-end thermography systems. As an all-round talent, it impresses with a unique combination of outstanding geometrical, thermal and temporal resolution. (read more)