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If you're looking to up your productivity, Jergens Custom Design & Build with Zero Point System is the way to go. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Jergens lifting guidelines

Not using proper hardware, or following recommended guidelines can result in damaged equipment or a failed lift (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - NEW Tooling Column Buying Guide!

Discover the ultimate resource for selecting the perfect pre-engineered tooling column system tailored to your needs. From bases to columns to accessories, explore the wide variety of options to customize your setup. Plus, with technical specs and expert tips, choosing has never been easier! (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Jergens Lanyards

Jergens Lanyards, perfect for use with our Kwik-Lok® Pins. Made with durable 302/304 stainless steel cable and a tough nylon jacket, these lanyards meet Mil-DTL-83420 standards. Customizable options available by special order. Remember, lanyards are not weight-bearing - they're designed to support the weight of the pins, rated up to 100 lbs. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Jergens Zero Point System!

Say goodbye to time-consuming set-ups and hello to increased productivity. With its pneumatic or hydraulic release, you can easily change fixtures with precision and minimal effort. Cut set up times by up to 90% and get more done in less time. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Cast Iron Cross Tooling Columns

Jergens Cast Iron Tooling Columns are fully customizable to provide the optimum workholding solution for your unique application. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Clean The Inside Of Your Machine!

Cleaning Attachment Leaves Machine Interiors Spotless (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Getting The Most Out of Your HMC

When it comes to broad capability, there are a few clear machine tool choices that production units & shops consider most – Five-axis, Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers. The criterion for choosing looks different depending on what seat you sit in – from ownership to management to purchasing and finance – but from the shop floor perspective it’... (read more)

Jergens, Inc. -  Jergens Keylocking Threaded Inserts

Experience the Jergens Difference with our Keylocking Threaded Inserts! (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - What is Jergens Modular Workholding?

Our unique stack-up approach simplifies complex workholding, gripping tight for precision while providing quick change for reduced setup time. More machining per setup and faster changeover in between equals maximum machine uptime. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - How does the Zero Point System work?

This revolutionary technology allows you to fix, position and clamp in a single step, cutting set up times by up to 90%. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - What are the benefits of 5-Axis Machining?

5 axis machining dramatically improves productivity by allowing you to complete your component in “one hit, one loading.” 5 Axis machining also allows you to reduce set up and changeover times and eliminate the errors caused by frequent setup and changeover. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. -  What are Hoist Rings?

Jergens' Center-Pull Hoist Rings provide a secure way to lift heavy loads. These hoist rings feature a 360-degree swivel and a center-pull design that evenly distributes weight, making them ideal for a wide range of lifting applications. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Jergens 5-in. Heavy Duty Machine Vise

Heavy Duty Vise Offers High Holding Forces and Easy Relocation (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Jergens Machine Washdown Tool

Don’t let messy machines slow you down.
The Jergens Washdown Tool makes cleanup a breeze, so you can return to what you do best - creating and innovating. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Automotive

Drive your profitability and stay ahead of the competition.
If you’re manufacturing automotive parts, we don’t need to tell you how important it is for you to achieve the highest possible production rates at the lowest possible cost. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Machining & Metal Working

Our past manufacturing practices have given us a unique understanding of the needs of our machining and metalworking customers, but our present and future practices give us an even greater one. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Aerospace & Military

We are an AS9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, government-approved manufacturer. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Medical

If you’re manufacturing high-tech machined medical components, Jergens can help you do it faster without sacrificing precision and accuracy. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Jergens Reversible 5CV Vise Jaws

Our reversible quick-change vise jaws can be flipped around in just SECONDS to accommodate different size workpieces.
We have a variety of jaw types, sizes, and materials, including:

  • Alloy Steel Insert Jaws (4 Styles of Inserts Available)
  • Aluminum & Alloy Steel Soft Jaws
  • Alloy Steel Step Jaws
(read more)
Jergens, Inc. - Kwik-LokĀ® Pins

Jergens Kwik-Lok® Pins are the industry's superior quick release pins that provide quick, easy positive engagement and high holding strength for applications requiring frequent, repetitive use. Our Kwik-Lok® Pins are made the way they should be; right here in the USA. Jergens Kwik-Lok® Pins are tough, dependable, American made quality e... (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - OEM/MRO Components

Jergens provides quality products from trusted manufacturers. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Fixturing Components

Meet All of Your Fixturing Requirements
Jergens offers a complete line of versatile fixturing components for manufacturers across all industries. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Hoist Rings & Lifting Products

Jergens Lifting Solutions specializes in strong, high-quality lifting hardware. We are a proud supplier to leading companies in transportation, military/aviation, manufacturing, metalworking, material handling, recreation & entertainment industries. Jergens Hoist Rings are made in the U.S.A., starting with domestically-produced certified alloy steel. (read more)

Jergens, Inc. - Modular Workholding

Jergens unique Modular Workholding system’s design offers maximum flexibility. The line has a variety of subplates, risers, quick change pallets, and top tooling to get the spindle and cutting tool close to the workpiece. (read more)