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Keytronic has promoted these products / services:

Keytronic - We are hiring! Multiple job openings

Our core principle, people first. If you feel you would be an asset to the Keytronic team, we want to hear from you. (read more)

Keytronic - Keytronic Quality Initiatives

ISO Certification is just the beginning of the quality process. Keytronic's team of Quality Engineers are involved from the beginning of the project, assuring consistency in manufacturing. (read more)

Keytronic - Full Product Assembly- decrease time to market

Whether manual or automated our production lines are developed for accuracy and speed in assembly. This focus produces high quality assemblies in a decreased time to market. (read more)

Keytronic - Product Design and Engineering Support

Product development at any stage (read more)

Keytronic - Design & Manufacturing Support: Aerospace/ Defense

Keytronic Featured in Aerospace & Defense Review Magazine (read more)

Keytronic - Best in Class: Printed Circuit Board Assembly

We specialize in accommodating our customers' requirements for volume, mix, and complexity. Our customer's time to market schedule is a priority while minimizing total landed costs. (read more)

Keytronic - Precision Metal Fabricating, Stamping, & Finishing

KeyTronic offers Full Service Fabrication, Simple to Complex (read more)

Keytronic - Automated Glass Processing

Keytronic offers automated glass cutting and edge polishing from our in-house glass facility. Our full service glass shop can provide parts ranging from small precision to larger, more sophisticated glass. (read more)

Keytronic - Glass Cutting & Polishing - small to large sizes

Our full service glass shop can provide parts ranging from small precision to larger, more sophisticated glass. (read more)

Keytronic - High volume supply chain management

World-class pricing. Our high volume purchasing levels, global supply base and years of purchasing experience means that our customers will benefit from incredible buying power giving them advantages of economies of scale. Keytronic uses advanced supply chain management to additionally reduce total landed product costs. (read more)

Keytronic - Tier 1 global mfg. capabilities & Tier 3 service

What started out as a successful Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has transitioned into one of the most successful design and manufacturing service providers in the industry today. We understand what you need from your manufacturing service provider, because we’ve been on the other end, just like you. (read more)

Keytronic - World class mfg. & engineering design services

World class manufacturing/engineering, world class pricing and "next door" service (read more)

Keytronic - Keytronic selected a top 10 contract manufacturer

Keytronic Corporation (Nasdaq KTCC), a world class provider of engineering design and electromechanical manufacturing services, today announced it has been selected by Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine as a Top 10 Contract Manufacturing Service Provider for 2020. (read more)

Keytronic - Injection molding services

Manufacturing precision
parts for over 50 years

Keytronic injection presses mold parts in many different materials and colors. All parts are consistent in appearance, color and performance, guaranteed to produce superior quality and repeatability. (read more)

Keytronic - Injection Molding and Tooling

Manufacturing precision parts for over 50 years (read more)