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Norlok Technology, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Norlok Technology 30th anniversary

NorlokTechnology 30th anniversary 1994 - 2024 (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - New webiste launched

Norlok Technology has launched it's new website. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - See the G2 Surelok III - faster, smoother, quieter

Introducing our newest floor mounted problem solver with a 25” throat. The new SURELOK III is designed for all clinching applications and is faster, smoother, quieter and uses less air than ever before. Our stainless steel ready machine offers a no hassle 2 minute changeover for efficient operation and production. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Watch: Designed for the HVAC fitting industry

Introducing our newest floor mounted machine which is designed for the HVAC fitting industry. Especially for large volume fitting manufacturers that require a faster clinching machine. Surelok II 13 24V features an electronic option (that can be turned on or off) to increase the speed of the machine while maintaining Norlok’s trusted safety features. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Surelok II next generation

Surelok II is the industry standard clinching machine. The next generation maintains the trusted features with upgraded style and design. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Surelok II 13" 24V

Surelok II now with 24V high speed option (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Watch Norlok's Heavy Duty Watson in action!

The Heavy Duty Watson machine is your portable sidekick to take care of the toughest fastening projects. This portable tool is designed for maximum flexibility and offers a strong round or rectangular clinch that can fasten up to 1/4” total thickness of mild steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and various other alloys.

Watch Norlok's Heavy Duty Watson in action! (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - LetterLok 4000 Fastening Machine

With its versatile design and unsurpassed features, Norlok's LETTERLOK 4000 will reduce your channel letter fastening costs and outperform the competition. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Self piercing rivet option

The Surelok III clinching machine now features an optional SPR kit for fastening TPO, aluminum composite material, TPO or similar coated material. SPR tool kit is also ideal for thicker material not suited for clinching. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Newly Designed Surelok III Clinching Machine

With its versatile design and unsurpassed features, Norlok's Surelok III Series of machines outperform the competition like no other. Solid, reliable, the Surelok III will fasten material from as thick as 14 gauge to as thin as 32 gauge with our proven clinching technology. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Norlok EZ Clinch™

Norlok is connecting with the RIGID® QuickChange System™ providing a battery powered clinching tool. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Watson Portable Clinching Machine

The Watson from Norlok Technology, now capable of fastening up to 18ga stainless steel. All the benefits of clinching in a lightweight version that gives you the portability you need. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Little Lok 1200

Little Lok 1200 channel letter fastening machine. Clinching replaces spot welding and stapling. UL recognized tooling* (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Letter Lok 3000

Letter Lok 3000 portable clinching machine. Designed to fasten the open ends of channel letter returns. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - EZ CLINCH™ 32540

Battery powered portable clinching machine can be carried anywhere in the shop and on the job site. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - SPR tool kit

SPR tool kit option for the Letter Lok 4000. Ideal for fastening aluminum composite material or poly carbonate material. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Letter Lok 2000 SPR kit

Self piercing rivet tool kit now available for Letter Lok 2000 machines. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Free sample evaluation

Norlok can test and evaluate your samples in our facility, generally free of charge! (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Norlok clilnching machine videos

View short videos demonstrating clinching, tooling adjustment and various features of Norlok clinching machines. (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Take the Norlok clinching course!

Clinching Basics – Round Clinching

Become a clinching expert. Do our quiz and earn your certification. Starting with" Lession 1 - Overview", you'll profgess through clinch tooling all the way to "Lesson 9 - Under Clinching."

Click here and register today! (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - Machines that offer infinite possibilities

Norlok Technology is a team of cutting-edge engineers with over 25 years of experience in the clinching industry. An internationally operating company since 1994, Norlok Technology has become a trusted leader and innovator in sheet metal fastening, setting the standards in clinching technology.

From our experienced engineering and service departments to our production personnel, w... (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - The preferred choice for duct metal fabrication

HVAC – Sheetmetal – Job Shop

Norlok clinching machines are the preferred choice for duct fabrication, general sheet metal and job shop metal fabrication. Our machines are a clean alternative to spot welding and riveting and offer faster and quieter clinching that does not produce fumes or surface damage.

Products like the SURELOK III, SURELOK II, LETTERLO... (read more)

Norlok Technology, Inc. - What is clinching?

Fasten sheet metal without the predrilled holes and hassles of riveting...all at a lower cost!

How does clinching work?

Clinching describes the forming of a Clinchlok joint. A Clinchlok joint is formed when the upper tooling squeezes the two ply of material joined between a punch and die. The strength of the Clinchlok joint and the life expectancy of the punch and di... (read more)