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Remcom (USA) - Schematic Optimization for Matching Network Design

Remcom announces schematic optimization in the latest release of XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software, substantially expediting the process of determining an optimal solution for matching network designs. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Schematic Editor and Optimization Overview Webinar

Join XFdtd's product team for a comprehensive overview of XFdtd's schematic editor, including recent updates like optimization of component values, impedance and aperture tuners with tune codes, and system efficiency results. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Simulation of Plasma Materials in XFdtd

This paper discusses the FDTD method to simulate the behavior of plasma materials using Remcom’s XFdtd 3D EM Simulation Software and presents validation in one and three dimensions. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Visit Our New Website

Our website doesn’t just have a brand-new look. We also modernized our resource library where you’ll find application examples, whitepapers, webinars, and more! (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Dynamic Matched Antenna Using XFdtd

In this video tutorial, an antenna's intrinsic impedance is simulated for two conditions--in free space and against a head. A three-port switch with two possible states is also included. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Wireless Coverage Enhancement using EES

In this paper, results are presented of propagation experiments conducted to verify the accuracy of a novel ray-optical scattering model for EES. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Group Delay for an Ultra Wide Band Antenna Webinar

Remcom's application engineering team developed a method for analyzing group delay for a single-port antenna. Watch this webinar to learn how group delay is determined directly from a single-port simulation. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - A Fast Indoor Coverage Prediction Scheme at 60 GHz

In this paper, we develop a fast and approximate prediction scheme for indoor path loss using digital image processing, geometrical optics and transport theory. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Tune a Tunable Matched Antenna Using XFdtd

In this tutorial, we demonstrate the ease of adjusting, or tuning, multiple operating modes so that capacitance values match various frequency bands. Using XF’s schematic editor with tuning slider bars, the correct values can be found in moments. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd's Schematic Editor for Matching Networks

This presentation covers XFdtd's capabilities for matching networks, including the schematic editor and frequency domain circuit solver. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Tune a Fixed-Band Matched Antenna Using XFdtd

XFdtd’s schematic editor includes matching network tuning, enabling users to easily adjust component values to meet design goals and better understand the behavior of a circuit. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Diplex Matched Antenna Tutorial Using XFdtd

This tutorial demonstrates XFdtd's workflow for evaluating a diplex matched antenna and analyzing two different matching network states simultaneously. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Using Wireless InSite for EES Modeling

This short video clip demonstrates how Wireless InSite models engineered EM surface (EES) and compares coverage improvement with diffuser and grating EES placements on a glass window or a wall. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd Huygens Surface

Accurately transfer antenna radiation characteristics for use outside XFdtd. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Simple Matching Network Tutorial

XF’s schematic editor provides engineers with a unique option for analyzing matching networks and corporate feed networks. In this tutorial, we demonstrate XF's workflow for analyzing a simple matching network and applying it to full-wave FDTD results using the schematic editor. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Tuning Slider Bars for Matching Network Design

Remcom announces matching network tuning in the latest release of XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software, enabling users to easily adjust component values to meet design goals and understand the behavior of a circuit. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Scalable Modeling of Human Blockage at mmWave

This article uses WaveFarer to investigate computational electromagnetic methods based on ray-tracing. In addition to the KED method, we compare the Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD) and Physical Optics (PO) methods against an extensive suite of precision channel measurements at 60GHz. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Using Wireless InSite to Visualize Beamforming

This series of short videos demonstrates Wireless InSite’s MIMO capability to predict the multipath and channel characteristics for a Massive MIMO system in an urban small cell. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Webinar: Matching Network Design Updates in XFdtd

XFdtd includes a unique schematic editor that combines matching network analysis with full-wave results. Attend this webinar to learn about the latest advancements in the tool, including diplex matched antenna, microstrip-based components, SAR post processing, and frequency band specification. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Assessing 5G Radar Altimeter Interference

In this whitepaper, we use Wireless InSite to provide a realistic assessment of radar altimeter interference due to emissions from 5G base stations along a landing approach to runway 27L of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Auto-Radar Drive Scenario: Increasing Realism

Learn how WaveFarer® Radar Simulation Software uses ray-tracing to simulate virtual drive scenarios and predict radar returns as a system moves through an environment with vehicles, roadway structures, pedestrians, and other objects. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Remcom's EM Simulation Numerical Methods

Remcom's software has various methods available for electromagnetic simulation to meet the needs of our users. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Effects of Mobility on mmWave Beamforming

This article explores the effectiveness of massive MIMO beamforming at mitigating the troubles expected from using the expanse of spectrum available in the mmWave band. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Webinar: XFdtd’s Schematic Editor

Learn about XFdtd’s schematic editor and frequency-domain circuit solver for analyzing matching networks and corporate feed networks. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - 140 GHz Antenna Array for 6G

A 140 GHz slot antenna array excited by a substrate integrated cavity is demonstrated for use in wireless communications. The antenna array has high gain, wide bandwidth, low fabrication costs, and small size, which make it an effective design. The final 8x8 antenna array has bandwidth from 130 to 145 GHz, peak gain of 20.5 dBi, and radiation efficiency around 60%. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Whitepaper: A Closer Look at Simulating TVS Diodes

This paper introduces XFdtd’s transient EM/circuit co-simulation capability, which combines the strength of 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation with the flexibility of circuit solvers. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Webinar: Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation

In this webinar, learn how XFdtd's transient EM/circuit co-simulation effectively resolves ESD vulnerabilities earlier in the design process and prevents future certification setbacks. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd: ESD Testing Simulation

Given the high cost in time and materials associated with ESD hardware testing, the ability to simulate the ESD testing process in XFdtd is extremely valuable, allowing engineers to pinpoint locations susceptible to ESD damage and optimize ESD mitigation during the concept and design stage of product development. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Webinar: Radar Analysis Features in WaveFarer

Learn about WaveFarer's new features for automotive and indoor radar applications, including diffuse scattering from rough surfaces such as roads and the ability to transmit through walls, windows, and more. Remcom will demonstrate these and other new capabilities using a sample drive scenario as well as an indoor mmWave sensor scenario. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - WaveFarer: Chirp Waveforms and Range-Doppler

Use WaveFarer linear chirp scripts and utilities to simulate radar systems using chirp waveforms, and post-process results to generate I&Q data, range-Doppler plots, and other useful outputs. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd: Computation of Fields and SAR for MRI

In this article, a SAR analysis for an MRI system is presented using XFdtd. The simulation procedure allows the coil designer to get quick feedback on the performance of the device, without the time or cost of producing numerous prototypes. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - 5G for Industry 4.0: Propagation in a Warehouse

Laying out a 5G network in complex and cluttered environments with several conductive surfaces can be challenging. Wireless InSite predicts the coverage and interference and accounts for the multipath in complex environments such as heavy-industrial factories, warehouses, server farms and more. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - LTE & 5G NR Propagation in a Suburban Environment

Penn State University is located in State College, Pennsylvania, a suburban city that contains several LTE sites. This simulation shows the coverage prediction from its existing LTE sites in the downtown area. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Showing Propagation Paths in a Train Station

A passenger train located in a station is connected to an access point (AP) mounted on the roof of the station. RF propagation paths computed using the shooting-and-bouncing ray technique are shown. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Narrowband IoT Coverage with Low Orbit Satellites

The following Microwave Journal article describes the modeling of a SATCOM link, specifically the use case of using a satellite overlay to extend service continuity to IoT devices in a poorly covered rural area. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - MIMO and Array Design for 5G

Antenna engineers favor advanced antenna systems capable of beam steering and multiple data stream transmission in order to meet 5G throughput requirements. Designing such a device is a difficult task because many factors are involved a device’s performance. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Demonstration of XFdtd's ESD Testing Features

Learn how to use XF's features for ESD testing as we walk through the process of analyzing a multi-layer PCB and identifying potential locations of dielectric breakdown. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - 28 GHz Beamforming System and Antenna Array for 5G

This example demonstrates a device for 28 GHz beamforming for 5G networks and includes an 8x8 patch antenna array, 1 to 8 power dividers and a Rotman lens initial stage. The design of the Rotman lens is performed using Remcom’s Rotman Lens Designer® (RLD) software, which produces a CAD version of the device for use in XFdtd®. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - XFdtd 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software

XFdtd® 3D EM Simulation Software provides engineers with powerful tools to shorten development time and release products to market sooner. (read more)

Remcom (USA) - Wireless InSite® 3D Wireless Propagation Software

Wireless InSite is radio propagation software for analyzing wireless communication systems. 3D ray tracing models for prediction of urban, rural, and indoor propagation. (read more)