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Renishaw has promoted these products / services:

Renishaw - Extra large tool setting arm for machine tools

Renishaw plans to showcase its latest tool setting arm at EMO Hannover 2023 in Germany. The HPMA-X is the latest addition to the company's family of high-precision tool setting arms and has been engineered to perform in the most challenging turning applications.

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Renishaw - Fixturing solutions to maximise inspection

Renishaw offers a range of modular fixtures to hold parts securely on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), Renishaw Equator™ gauging systems and vision systems. Using high-quality metrology fixtures can improve throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of inspection processes with repeatable fixturing set-ups.

Easy to configure and reconfigure

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Renishaw - Additive manufacture structures from copper

Pure copper is a highly desirable material for heat exchangers and electrical components due to its excellent thermal and electrical properties. While these properties are beneficial for the application, they also turn the process of using copper in additive manufacturing into a challenge. Here, Kenneth Nai, Principal Engineer at Renishaw, explores how to overcome this issue and use addi... (read more)

Renishaw - AksIM™ true-absolute magnetic rotary encoder

Renishaw's associate company RLS announces the launch of the new AksIM™ true-absolute magnetic rotary encoder for embedded OEM motion control applications. With up to 20 bit resolution and zero hysteresis in a unique through-bore configuration, AksIM sets a new standard for magnetic encoder performance and value. (read more)

Renishaw - FixtureBuilder 8.0 3D-modelling software

FixtureBuilder allows users to design metrology fixturing set-ups without having to go near their co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) and other inspection devices. This reduces the amount of unproductive set-up time and increases the productivity of inspection machines. (read more)

Renishaw - Renishaw Central - end-to-end process data capture

Renishaw Central helps manufacturers to access the right data at the right time, enabling them to better understand production processes and improve process control and part quality. (read more)

Renishaw - FORTiS™ enclosed encoder

Renishaw has launched functionally safe variants of the FORTiS enclosed encoder series.

FORTiS™ FS is an enclosed linear absolute encoder system certified to the following functional safety standards: ISO 13849:2015 PLd, IEC 61508:2010 SIL2, IEC 61800-5-2:2016 SIL2. It also offers all the other benefits of the cutting edge FORTiS encoder series.

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Renishaw - XK10 alignment laser system for machine tool

The XK10 alignment laser system provides a fast, precise, and efficient measurement tool for straightness, squareness, rotational parallelism, rail parallelism, flatness, and level, as well as assessing spindle direction and coaxiality of rotary machines. It is a powerful tool for diagnosing the source of errors following a rebuild or as part of regular maintenance. (read more)

Renishaw - Equator™ 500 with IPC

Equator gauging systems have helped to improve yield and increase process capabilities of production lines around the world, by providing high accuracy dimensional inspection data next to turning and machining centres, at the point of manufacture. The new larger Equator 500 system now enables the gauging of larger parts, with a working volume of 500 mm in diameter and up to 400 mm in hei... (read more)

Renishaw - A closer look at the RenAM 500Q

Traditional barriers to additive manufacturing (AM) were limited production speed and variation in build quality between machines. However, new multi-laser systems are changing the status quo. Here Rebecca Underwood, Product Marketing Specialist at global engineering technologies company Renishaw, gives you a closer look into Renishaw's RenAM 500Q system, to provide insight into the late... (read more)

Renishaw - NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setting

Global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, will showcase its second-generation NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setting solution at EMO Milano 2021. The new system will be one of many smart factory process control solutions demonstrated by Renishaw, which are proven to help machine shops across many industries transform their production capabilities.

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Renishaw - XM-60 multi-axis calibrator

The XM-60 is a laser measurement system capable of measuring errors in six degrees of freedom along a linear axis, simultaneously from a single set-up. (read more)

Renishaw - Renishaw Gauging Systems

The Equator is an alternative to traditional dedicated gauging, filling a gap in the market never before addressed. The patented low-cost design, unique in construction and method of operation, is capable of high-speed comparative gauging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts. Available in two sizes the Equator 300 and 500. (read more)

Renishaw - QC20 Wireless Ballbar

The QC20-W ballbar is an all-new design featuring a Renishaw-developed linear sensor and Bluetooth® wireless technology, providing greater ease of use and durability, and allowing for testing in "closed door" manufacturing, where access for wiring can raise safety and procedural issues. The new design also allows testing in 3 orthogonal planes through a single reference point. (read more)

Renishaw - Cableless tool setting and inspection probing

Cableless tool setting and inspection probing for machine tools from Renishaw.

Renishaw's new twin probe optical signal transmission system uses a single optical receiver for tool setting probe and spindle-mounted touch probe installations, offering fast integration and a cable-free machine environment. (read more)

Renishaw - Laser Measurement System (XL-80 & XC-80)

The size of the XL-80 laser and XC-80 compensator means that a complete linear system can fit into a 'wheelie-case' and weighs only 12 kg. Add the tripod, in its own fabric case and you have a truly portable solution to machine metrology. Both the laser and compensator connect to your PC via USB so there is no separate interface required and no complicated set-up to worry about. (read more)

Renishaw - Renishaw: co-ordinate measuring machine, PH20

Renishaw's PH20 co-ordinate measuring machine

Renishaw's PH20 features unique 'head touches' which allow measurement points to be taken by moving only the head rather than the CMM structure. Using only the rapid rotary motion of the head, points can be taken faster, and with improved accuracy and repeatability. (read more)

Renishaw - Renishaw Probes: Improving the Machining Process

Time is money. Time spent manually setting work piece positions and inspecting finished product is better invested in machining. Renishaw probing systems eliminate costly machine down-time and the scrapping of components associated with manual setting and inspection. (read more)

Renishaw - Renishaw RLS "Digital Pots"

Non-contact potentiometer replacement offers ultimate reliability and no wear.

Potentiometers provide low cost, analog position feedback with simple integration. However, they are subject to degradation of performance, or even failure, due to wear and contamination. A dirty or worn potentiometer can provide noisy, unreliable operation, requiring periodic replacement.

A new generation of ... (read more)

Renishaw - Rugged motor encoders easy on cost, mounting

OnAxis magnetic encoders bring high performance, solid-state construction, simple in-line mounting and low price to motor control, shaft position and velocity measurement applications for OEM manufacturers. Non-contact operation provides zero-wear "fit and forget" reliability. Units deliver IP68 sealing, temps from -40°C to 125°C, strong resistance to shock, vibration, G forces, pressures. (read more)

Renishaw - Fast set-up optical encoders cut size, cost

Strong performance and reliability for plant environments, new TONiC linear and rotary encoders combine advanced optical engineering, speeds to 10 m/sec, accuracy to 0.1 µm resolution, and non-contact wear-free operation with fastest, simplest installation and low cost of ownership. Ultra-compact design (35 mm x 13.5 mm x 10 mm readhead) saves space and maximizes application versatility. (read more)

Renishaw - RESOLUTE™ Absolute Optical Encoder System

RESOLUTE™ Absolute Optical Linear and Rotary encoder system from Renishaw.

RESOLUTE™ is a true absolute, fine pitch optical encoder system that has excellent dirt immunity, and an impressive specification that breaks new ground in position feedback. It is the world's first absolute encoder capable of 27-bit resolution at 36000 rev/min. 100 m/s for both linear an... (read more)

Renishaw - OTS Tool Setting Probe from Renishaw

The cableless OTS with optical signal transmission allows unrestricted machine motion and ease of installation on CNC machining centers.OTS cableless optical tool setting and broken tool detection for vertical machining centres. The OTS can be used as part of a twin probe system, either with a second OTS (e.g. on machines with twin pallets), or with a suitable inspection pr... (read more)

Renishaw - The Simplest Laser-Based Tool Detection System

Unique "all in one" design and electronics save space and complexity in laser tool monitoring for machining and drilling operations. Industry's only single-head system, the TRS2 laser monitor reads tool reflections, providing an easy-to-install, affordable, in-cycle solution to automated detection of broken tools. (read more)

Renishaw - Optical Angle Encoders, High-Precision Encoders

RESR and SiGNUM™ Optical Angle Encoders from Renishaw. Renishaw's high accuracy angle encoders are available in a large range of diameters and line counts to provide compatibility with standard controllers. Based on a one-piece stainless steel ring with axial graduations marked directly onto the periphery. Available in both standard or low inertia sections to suit a diverse ... (read more)

Renishaw - inVia Raman Microscope from Renishaw

inVia Raman Microscope from Renishaw

Renishaw's inVia Raman microscopes are high-sensitivity systems with integrated research grade microscopes, enabling high resolution confocal measurements. (read more)

Renishaw - FASTRACK™ linear optical encoder system

FASTRACK is a revolutionary track-mounted linear encoder scale system from Renishaw that combines ±5 µm/m accuracy, with the ruggedness of stainless steel, and the quick and easy installation of a carrier-type encoder system. (read more)

Renishaw - Optical Linear Encoders from Renishaw

Optical Linear Encoders from Renishaw

Renishaw offers a wide range of high speed, absolute and incremental optical linear encoder systems, to meet the diverse requirements of industrial automation (read more)

Renishaw - Radio Transmission Touch Probes: CNC Applications

Radio Transmission Touch Probes: CNC Applications from Rehishaw.Renishaw is making waves with the introduction of new touch probe systems that use its unique frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) probe signal radio transmission technology to allow automated job set-up and in-process measurement on all sizes of CNC machine tools. (read more)